One of the most desirable treatments in cosmetic surgery today is buttock enhancement and cellulite reduction. Whether it is enlarging the curves of an area, restoring the volume and suppleness of one’s youth or smoothing out dimples, the treatment of the buttock area has always been a difficult area to approach. As we age, there appears to be a significant reduction in both the muscular and soft tissue of the buttock. Like a balloon that deflates, the buttock area tends to flatten and the skin appears dimpled and less elastic over the years. While invasive buttock implants can be wrought with complications and fat harvesting difficult to find in thin individuals, it appears there is a lot to be desired in terms of non-invasive techniques for the perfect butt lift or enhancement.

Dr. Frank is a world renowned expert in filler technology, tumescent liposuction, and fat transfer. For those that are good candidates and have fat in other body parts to use, fat transfer remains the most convenient and permanent way to augment the lower body. This procedure is widely known as the Brazilian Butt Lift. Unfortunately, until recently there have been no optimal options otherwise.

Before & After

Sculptra Butt Lift Before and After photo by Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank of PFRANKMD in New York City, NY

Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank has developed a novel, non-invasive technique to safely provide a butt lift and cellulite augmentation that is lasting and effective. Using semipermanent fillers such as Sculptra and Radiesse with a unique dilution and technique, we can give both women and men back the buttock of their youth or even one they never had. Sculptra and Radiesse are FDA-approved dermal fillers for volume loss in the face. They are known as biostimulatory fillers providing a natural and long lasting effect.

With a series of treatments over a few months, the 5th Avenue Butt Lift is performed at 3-4 week intervals. The treatment generally takes about 30 minutes to perform with little to no downtime. Patients return to exercise in 2-3 days. The base for the injections is a large saline solution which gives the appearance of immediate results and an impression of what the ultimate result will be right afterward. This ‘saline’ effect reduces over 24-48 hrs. As the substances work over a few weeks, you will begin to notice a change of growth. Gradually, it will inflate, smooth, and lift the buttock to the desired shape improving with each treatment. Results are soft and represent your own natural tissue.

Results can last as long as 2 years. Patients usually do touch ups 1-2 times a year to maintain optimal results and depending on desired result. End points usually require 2-5 treatments.

The Consultation

Dr. Frank will assess your unique concerns and review your health history to ensure your compatibility with Butt lift. Following his assessment, He will design a customized treatment plan tailored to your anatomy and beauty goals and guide you through the treatment process from start to finish, ensuring full understanding and comfort.