Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank is considered one of the best liposuction surgeons in NYC and throughout the world, having performed over 5,000 minimally-invasive and non-invasive fat reduction procedures using all major technologies including laser (SmartLipo and Liposonix), ultrasound (VASER), fat freezing (CoolSculpting), and Sculpsure. As a board-certified dermatologic surgeon, he has been at the forefront of a two decade effort to transform liposuction from a surgery that carries risks and downtime to a one hour procedure with local anesthesia and a weekend rest before going back to work*. With almost half of his patients being men, Dr. Frank is on the cutting edge of all available body sculpting and fat reduction procedures to suit everyone’s needs.

Lipoma Removal with Ultrasound-Assisted Tumescent Microcannula Liposuction

Lipomas are a fairly common benign tumor of fat cells. Although they can be painful or occur in functionally inconvenient areas, they often pose merely a cosmetic challenge for patients. With ultrasound-assisted Micro Liposuction, these lipomas can be removed under local anesthesia with merely 2 tiny incisions that generally do not require sutures. READ MORE

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Tumescent Liposuction – VASER®” with: Female Abdomen & Love Handles with VASER®

Male Abdomen and love handles using VASER® device

Women’s Outer Thighs using smartLipo MPX™

Dr. Frank performing Tumescent Micro-Cannular Liposuction

Real Talk | Tumescent Liposuction Pre-Op

This is just ONE WEEK after this patient received Tumescent Liposuction in her abdomen!

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Call (212) 327-2919 to find out more about each liposuction technique and have Dr. Frank recommend a minimally invasive or non-surgical treatment that best matches the areas you would like to target and your lifestyle.

Dr. Frank uses several devices during the fat removal process to make sure unwanted fat cells are reduced without harming other types of tissues. These technologies also aid skin tightening and textural improvements to the skin.

Painless and sedative-free
Sculpts and defines select muscle regions
Targets and tightens inner abdominal muscles
Up to 16% increase in muscle mass
Up to 19% reduction in subcutaneous fat.

Why Dr. Frank?

Dr. Frank has innovated modern liposuction techniques over the last 20 years. By performing minimally invasive liposuction procedures every day, he has developed an expertise and an eye for re-sculpting like no other physician in the country. Dr. Frank was featured in print and broadcast New York and national media discussing liposuction techniques and has published research articles with his findings in medical journals.

Best Areas to Target with Liposuction

Liposuction does not replace diet and exercise – it works for areas that are resistant to both. As Dr. Frank says, he is the last 10 lbs lost, not the 1st! The procedure works best when you are in overall good health and stable weight, but frustrated with certain unresponsive areas such as:

Best areas to target with Liposuction

Non-Surgical (CoolSculpting, Sculpsure) vs. Minimally-invasive Liposuction (Tumescent) – How to Choose?

Non-surgical liposuction is a great solution for patients who want to reduce unwanted, very small pockets of fat (teacups). In other cases, the amount of fat that needs to be removed may be much larger (soup bowls). This requires minimally-invasive tumescent laser liposuction. It is important to visit Dr. Paul J. Frank to discuss which procedure is best for you.

What Our Patients Say

“He answered all of my questions directly before the procedure, the night before, (when I was nervous), during and afterward. His staff is so nice. They put me into a car to make sure that I got home safely. They called me the evening of and I had a couple of questions and they had Dr. Frank call me directly. He again put my mind at ease. The best part of all is that my legs look a million times better!! I thought I was stuck with these thighs for the long haul!! I can wear skinny jeans again without feeling like I am stuffed into them.”
– Alice Marie

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from individual to individual and cannot be guaranteed*

Your Liposuction Consultation

When you arrive to your private consultation appointment at our 5th Avenue office in New York, you will meet Dr. Frank in person. He will listen to your concerns and examine the problem areas. He treats each patient on a one-on-one basis and will personally evaluate your condition and suggest one or more minimally-invasive or non-surgical solutions. He will review before and after photos that are similar to your shape and desire. Please prepare a list of questions that you would like to ask about the procedure.

Before & After

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Tumescent Laser Liposuction
Treatment Day & Recovery

Dr. Frank operates from his fully accredited surgical facility, using only local anesthesia with mild sedation to increase safety, quicken your recovery and often reduce overall cost. Like any procedure, there is always a risk involved, but we do our best to minimize it and have a 100 percent safety record in 20 years of experience. You will remain awake and be able to watch how your body is being re-sculpted, or if you prefer, take a nap unaware of what is going on. Fat cells will be reduced using light and sound energy and Dr. Frank will gently massage and suction them with micro-cannulas. Most patients feel very little discomfort during and after and can go back to work in 36-48 hours with only Tylenol needed. Dr. Frank and his team will accompany you throughout the recovery process and will see you in follow-up appointments to ensure your satisfaction with the results.

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Do you wear a compression garment post Tumescent Microliposuction procedure?

Yes for all of the Tumescent Microliposuction procedures you wear a garment 24/7 for one week. There are a few occasions where I’ll have a patient wear it for a few hours a day after that but it’s usually one week 24/7 with no exercise.

Will Tumescent Microliposuction help with cellulite?

It can help with cellulite. I often use some skin tightening devices like bodytight or Vaser, but this can help a lot. It’s most important to be careful not to remove too much fat so you don’t worsen cellulite.

Is Tumescent Microliposuction the treatment to get if you are trying to get a thigh gap back?

This is the procedure for the thigh gap because you won’t get it back with any non-invasive device.

What is Tumescent Microliposuction recovery time like?

Recovery time is 24 hours before you can shower or take off your bandages and garment. You can go to dinner and a movie, you’re back to work in 36 hours, and back to the gym in one week.

Does the fat that is removed from the Tumescent Microliposuction come back in other places?

This is mostly a myth. We aren’t doing liposuction on people that have significant weight problems, we’re really just sculpting out fine areas that are resistant to diet and exercise and if you stay stable in your weight it won’t come back.