With the popularity of energy delivered microneedling device’s ability to stimulate proteins like collagen and elastin on the face and neck, their regenerative capabilities are now being offered all over the body with the evolution of our gold standard technologies. At PFRANKMD, we offer Virtue RF, Vivace, and Morpheus 8 devices – each with their own unique applications to suit each patient’s various needs throughout the face and body.
Advancements in Body Microneedling
While microneedling on the face is great for collagen stimulation, fine lines, texture, and acne scars, body microneedling addresses deeper concerns of cellulite, skin tightening, stretch-marks, and scars. The newer platforms, Virtue RF Deep and Morpheus 8 Body target large treatment areas in a short period of time after application of topical anesthesia. These new platforms are adjustable and customizable for skin type, depth of concern, area on the body, and patient comfort.

Standard microneedling on the face can reach a depth of 3.5mm, whereas body microneedling can achieve a depth of up to 7mm deep. Under topical anesthesia, Virtue RF Deep treatments are often performed in a series of 3 monthly treatments each with a few days of redness as downtime.  Combined with other technologies such as ultherapy, BBL hero, Fraxel and EMSCULPT and EMTONE, we can curate and synergize outcomes of non-invasive treatments with various clinical desires.


Morpheus 8 Body microneedling is also a great addition to minimally invasive surgical procedures performed under local anesthesia such as microcannular liposuction. With injected anesthesia allowing for more aggressive and more effective treatments, devices such as Morpheus 8 Body are performed for additional skin tightening, texture, and laxity.


Areas commonly treated include abdomen for loose crepey skin post-pregnancy or weight loss, above the knees for fine lines and laxity, thighs for cellulite, and inner arms for crepey, textural concerns.


A consultation with one of our aesthetic healthcare professionals will determine which technology is ideal for you.

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