PFRANKMD is proud to introduce Ellacor, the most cutting-edge technology available for minimally invasive skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. Ellacor belongs to a new category of aesthetic devices that use fractional micro-coring technology to remove extra skin related to aging without invasive surgery or scarring.

What is Ellacor?

Ellacore - Micro CoreThe EllacorTM System with Micro-CoringTM Technology is a first-of-its-kind wrinkle and skin laxity treatment device that provides natural-looking results with minimal downtime. Ellacor has been approved by the FDA for use in the mid to lower face, including the cheeks, around the mouth, and under the chin. An Ellacor™ treatment typically takes about 30 to 45 minutes (not including pre-op).

The Introduction of Ellacor by Cytrellis: Micro-Coring for Skin Tightening & Wrinkle Reduction

How does Ellacor work?

The EllacorTM System removes micro-cores of skin with hollow needles, resulting in an improved appearance of moderate to severe wrinkles in the mid to lower face without the evidence of scarring.

Ellacor Micro-Coring Treatment Animation Video

Ideal Candidates

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The Ellacor™ System with Micro-Coring™ Technology is a great option for adults aged 40 years or older who are seeking an improvement in skin laxity and visible signs of facial aging. Ellacor is approved for Fitzpatrick skin types I-IV, which means it may not be a good option for patients with darker skin tones. Ellacor should not be performed on people who have medical conditions that inhibit proper wound healing and women who are pregnant.

Benefits of Ellacor:

– No incisions or scarring
– Removes the same amount of skin as a facelift
– Safe, quick healing profile with short downtimes
– Precisely removes excess, damaged skin from targeted areas
– Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles
– Can reduce the appearance of “marionette lines” and jowls
– Results are visible while also natural-looking
– In-office treatment performed under local anesthesia

What can the patient expect and what does the procedure feel like?

A local anesthetic will be administered to the area to be treated to help you stay comfortable during your treatment. Once your skin is numb, your provider will strategically place the Ellacor device to your skin to create micro-cores in a precise grid pattern. Excess skin will be removed through the hollow needles, but the micro-cores are so tiny that they will begin to heal almost immediately.

How many treatments are necessary and how often?

As every patient has different needs, Dr. Frank will assess your skin and discuss your aesthetic concerns and goals in order to determine the number of Ellacor treatments required. Generally, 2-4 treatments are required. Treatments are four to six weeks apart.

Healing and Recovery

ellacor before and after
ellacor before and after

Before & Afters

ellacor before and after
ellacor before and after
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