PFRANKMD is proud to introduce Ellacor, the most cutting-edge technology available for non-invasive skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. Ellacor belongs to a new category of aesthetic devices that use fractional micro-coring technology to remove extra skin related to aging without invasive surgery or scarring.

Forget about stitches, thermal radiation or scarring. With Ellacor, rapidly automated needles safely and effectively “core out” – or excise – approximately eight to 10 percent of extra skin in the treatment area. All that’s needed in the way of prep is local anesthesia, and each procedure takes 30-45 minutes to perform. Recovery is just two to three days, and treatments are performed monthly in a series of four to five sessions. Ellacor is FDA-approved to target wrinkles in the mid to lower face, but it can also be used to address loose skin, wrinkles and scars on other parts of the body.

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Dermal Micro-Coring for Skin Tightening and Wrinkle Reduction

Facelifts have traditionally required surgical removal of loose skin under general anesthesia, much like pulling a sheet from the sides to remove wrinkles and laxity. Generally, scars are hidden either in front of or behind the ears. Dermal micro-coring devices like Ellacor, on the other hand, use multiple micro-excisions to lift, tighten and smooth skin without scarring, traditional surgery or thermal treatments, which require longer healing times.

An Entirely New Category of Skin Tightening

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Ellacor provides PFRANKMD with an unprecedented ability to improve age-related changes in the skin – and help restore youthfulness – without the surgeon’s blade. It is used for lifting, tightening and toning loose skin, and the ideal areas for treatment are the cheeks, jowls, neck, and chin.

Ellacor offers patients a truly non-surgical “facelift” treatment

Removes the same amount of skin as a facelift, but without incisions and scarring

Precisely removes excess, damaged skin from targeted areas

Significantly reduces moderate to severe wrinkles and tightens the mid to lower face, including the perioral and submental areas

Provides natural-looking results

Safe, quick healing profile with short downtimes

A fast in-office treatment, performed under local anesthesia

Ellacor Non-surgical facelift Before and After photo by Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank of PFRANKMD in New York City, NY

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