Welcome to PFRANKMD in NYC, where we are pleased to offer non-surgical EMFEMME 360™
treatments to improve female intimate health and urinary function. For many women, the natural
aging process, pregnancy, and childbirth can all impact sexual enjoyment and functionality, as
well as urinary control. The symptoms that patients experience can have a significant impact on
their relationships and quality of life.

Fortunately, there is EMFEMME 360™! As part of EXION’S technologically advanced,
multi-platform rejuvenation system. Treatments with the system’s female intimate health
applicator can provide significant improvement for patients with chronic and painful vaginal
dryness, also referred to as vaginal atrophy from menopause or shifting post-natal hormones,
external or internal tissue laxity, or urinary stress incontinence.

EMFEMME 360™ device
EMFEMME 360™ wand

How Does EMFEMME 360 Work?

EMFEMME 360™ utilizes the benefits of radio frequency (RF) energy. The energy generates gentle heat, which stimulates collagen, blood flow, and the production of mucus secretions that lubricate and protect. Collagen is a protein that provides structural support to tissues and helps them regain strength and elasticity.

As collagen rebuilds, it enhances the support to the urethra and bladder, reducing the likelihood of urinary leakage. This versatile treatment improves laxity in the vaginal canal and external genitalia. For patients concerned with aesthetic appearances, EMFEMME 360 treatments can tighten lax labial majora folds.

Candidates for EMFEMME 360

Patients experiencing vaginal dryness, laxity, discomfort during sexual activity, and urinary incontinence due to aging, menopause, pregnancy, and childbirth may be the ideal candidates for EMFEMME 360. It is important to note that this treatment may not be suitable for those experiencing the described symptoms due to underlying illnesses.

A comprehensive consultation with a PFRANKMD intimate healthcare provider will ensure the patient’s compatibility with EMFEMME 360 and that the treatment is appropriate to address the individual concerns of the patient.

EMFEMME 360 Procedure

Treatments with EMFEMME 360 are quick and minimally invasive. The ergonomic applicator was designed for patient comfort, and at only eight minutes per session, fitting treatment time into your schedule has never been more convenient. The procedure is not considered painful, during the treatment patients may experience a sensation of warmth or tingling.

Recovery and Results

The recovery from EMFEMME 360 does not require downtime. Patients can resume their regular activities upon leaving their appointment. Patients may experience mild redness or residual warmth in the treatment area that fades quickly. Most patients report noticeable results after one treatment and reach their goals for improvement after three sessions.

EMFEMME 360 Consultation

To learn more about EFEMME 360 and how this innovative treatment can restore your vaginal health and free you from the anxiety and constraints of urinary leakage—contact PFRANKMD today to schedule a consultation at our Upper East Side or West Village Location in NYC.


Can EMFEMME 360 Improve Orgasm Quality?

Yes, many women report improved sexual satisfaction and enhanced orgasms after RF Vaginal Rejuvenation. The tightening and increased collagen production can lead to increased vaginal sensitivity and heightened sexual pleasure.

Is There an Ideal Age for Undergoing EMFEMME 360?

There is no specific age requirement, as candidacy depends more on individual concerns and needs rather than age.

Can EMFEMME 360 be Combined with Other Cosmetic Procedures?

Yes, some individuals choose to combine RF Vaginal Rejuvenation with other cosmetic procedures, such as body contouring treatments.

Are EMFEMME 360 Treatments Covered by Insurance?

In most cases, EMFEMME 360 is considered a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by health insurance plans.