Patients seek treatment for sun damage to achieve a rejuvenated look. Sun damage is one of the most common skin issues and it manifests in a number of ways, including hyperpigmentation, also known as sun spots. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays can also aggravate fine lines and wrinkles, create rough patches, and cause broken capillaries and redness. At PFRANKMD, both of our NYC locations offer treatments that can effectively reverse the negative effects of sun exposure and sun-damaged skin.

What is Sun Damage?

The sun gives off ultraviolet (UV) rays, which cause minor damage to healthy skin cells. Over time, the damage accumulates, resulting in premature aging of the skin. This process is referred to as photoaging. Sun damage manifests as surface wrinkles, fine lines, redness, dark spots on the skin, and a rough texture.

Our Sun Damage Treatment Options

PFRANKMD offers a variety of non-invasive and non-surgical options for sun damage treatment:

Fraxel Thulium – The Fraxel Thulium 1,927 nm fiber laser delivers fractional energy to sun-damaged skin. This creates microscopic treatment zones to stimulate skin revitalization. The surrounding undamaged skin tissue aids in the healing process.

Clear + Brilliant Perméa – This gentle laser treatment option removes dead and damaged skin cells while encouraging new collagen production in the skin. This heals sun damage and restores healthy skin.

BBL Body Glow – This treatment uses the BBL Hero device to target sun damage using broadband light pulses. It encourages cell regeneration and can be used on all areas of the body.

Aerolase – Aerolase is a very gentle non-ablative treatment used for laser skin resurfacing.

PICO Laser – The PICO laser is designed to break up pigmentation, making it a perfect option for treatment of sun spots.

MedLite – MedLite uses laser energy to target the brown pigment that makes up sun spots. By destroying this pigment, a natural look is restored to the skin.

Excel V+ – The Excel V+ laser combines two wavelengths of energy to effectively remove unwanted pigmentation from the skin. This clears away sun spots.

Vbeam – Vbeam pulsed-dye laser treatment targets broken capillaries and redness, shrinking blood vessels with laser energy.

Am I a Good Candidate for Sun Damage Treatment?

If you are unhappy with the sun damage that your skin has experienced, then you may be an ideal candidate for treatment. It is vital that you have no untreated skin cancer or active skin infections. If you have a history of keloid scarring, you may be recommended for other treatments.

Your Consultation

During your consultation, a physical examination of your skin will be performed to assess the signs of sun damage. You will be asked about your skincare regimen, lifestyle, and prior treatments that may not be compatible with additional laser therapy.

Your medical history will be reviewed to confirm your eligibility for laser treatments. A custom-tailored treatment plan will be created to address your sun damage.

After Your Treatment Session

Depending on the type of laser treatment you receive, you may not need any downtime, or you may need a few days to recover. Redness, bruising, and swelling may be experienced but should resolve quickly. Pain is minimal, and most patients are able to get back to their normal routines right away.

Cost of Sun Damage Treatment

The cost of sun damage treatment depends on several factors, including the total number of sessions needed to achieve the best results. The overall price may also be impacted by the number of target areas, severity of damage, and type of treatment performed.

Get in Touch

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