Aerolase Neoelite Laser

PFRANKMD is excited to introduce our patients to the NeoElite Laser platform. With the growing demand for no downtime treatments that target several cosmetic concerns, this device offers the utmost safety and efficacy performed either as a solo treatment or as a part of our combination PFRANKMD signature treatments.

With its numerous advances in speed and power from its Neo predecessor, The NeoElite now provides 50% faster treatment speeds and 33% higher power than earlier technology allowing for consistent, industry-leading optical energy output and predictable results. The Neo Elite is a multi functional device that is a non-invasive and a totally non-contact treatment addressing all forms of redness, pigmentation, and inflammation. Killing several birds with one stone, so to speak, it uses its unique patented 650 microsecond technology.

It is safe for all skin types, and is quick and painless. It is also the new gold standard for our acne and rosacea patients performed as a series to gain control of chronic conditions or performed individually for flare ups.

NeoElite is also great for non-invasive melasma and pigmented scar treatments causing little to no discomfort, downtime or risk of worsening the condition. For patients with darker skin types and difficult to remove facial hair, this is our new go to device.

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