At PFRANKMD™, we feature cutting-edge VBeam Perfecta laser technology, an advanced treatment which targets and corrects broken capillaries. Our FDA-approved, non-invasive procedure effectively provides results without harmful side-effects or bruising experienced in the past. VBeam laser treatment offers advanced solutions for individuals suffering from rosacea, facial flushing, leg veins, and scarring. The unique device targets reddened areas without harming tissue or surrounding skin. With VBeam laser, we can promise excellent results with minimal downtime and impressive benefits.

What is VBeam Laser?

VBeam laser technology utilizes an intense pulsed-dye beam of light to treat and heal damaged blood vessels, and bruising. The specialized procedure implements a cooling device that serves to minimize bruising and blistering during your session. VBeam laser minimizes the appearance of mild to moderate scarring and reduces visibility of more severe scars. The treatment requires only minutes of your time.


How VBeam Laser is Performed

The treatment’s power lies in its precision. Pigment Protocol entails the use of two advanced laser technologies to selectively target pigmented areas. This innovative treatment combines the power of the Clear & Brilliant Fraxel and PICO Genesis™ lasers to deliver focused light energy that penetrates the skin and breaks down pigmented areas. Because the laser produces a photochemical reaction rather than a thermal one, the treatment does not affect surrounding, healthy tissue. The result is a more even skin tone without the risk of damage. Our photorejuvenation treatment:

Delivers laser energy powerful enough to treat superficial and deeply pigmented areas

Is safe for sensitive skin and all skin colors

Yields impressive results in fewer treatments

Benefits of VBeam Laser

Side effects are minimal with non-aggressive treatment

Procedure is complete in a short time

Ideal option for individuals afflicted with rosacea and vascular lesions

Before & After

pfrank - vbeam before & after

Why Choose PFRANKMD™

Our experts provide solutions to your concerns regarding capillaries, scars, and redness in the NYC area. We offer signature procedures designed by renowned cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank with minimal downtime and maximum comfort. Please contact our helpful staff for a complimentary consultation.