BBL Body Glow

The PFRANKMD BBL Body Glow is one of our latest cutting-edge signature procedures for the treatment of worn and sun damaged skin throughout the entire body – quickly and effectively. The non-invasive and extremely safe treatment utilizes fast, low energy broadband light pulses (BBL Hero) to effectively and permanently refresh and rejuvenate sun-damaged skin, dramatically improving its appearance in as little as 1-3 treatments. The procedure aids in the reduction of hyperpigmentation, sun spots, redness, small vessels, crepey texture and other common skin imperfections.

Why not care for the skin on your body as you do for the face?

BBL Hero technology safely and effectively treats all body parts including the back, chest, shoulders, arms, legs, abdomen, and hands.

The device can also be used for hair removal. Using gentle, yet effective BBL energy to heat hair follicles, the BBL is fast and painless. The result is hair removal that is more quick and painless, while rejuvenating the skin. Treat any area of the body with unwanted hair to reveal beautiful skin and soft, silky, supple skin!

BBL Hero (broadband light) is often used to treat:

Brown spots

Sun damage


Fine lines



Superficial crepiness of skin

Visible signs of aging

Body hair

BBL Body Glow Before and After photo by Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank of PFRANKMD in New York City, NY

How Does The BBL Body Glow Treatment Work?

The device penetrates the skin with low energy light energy, stimulating skin cell regeneration and targeting various issues of sun damaged skin. Collagen restores the skin’s natural beauty by making it smoother and more vibrant in addition to evening skin color. This is a fast, multi-pass treatment that can be performed anywhere on the body and heats the tissue deep within the dermis for an overall rejuvenated effect.

BBL arms treatment Before and After photo by Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank of PFRANKMD in New York City, NY

Dr. Frank’s arms after 1 treatment

BBL Body Glow Q&A

Treatment Prep:

Avoid direct sunlight before and after each session for 1-2 weeks. No anesthesia required.

Expected Results:

Healing is similar to a mild – moderate sunburn but one that will make your skin healthier, clearer and thicker with boosted collagen. Pigmentation and blood vessels usually appear exaggerated during the healing period, but disappear within 1-3 weeks depending on the area treated. Your skin may feel smoother and appear more even and brighter within one to two weeks of your first treatment.

Follow up instructions:

Patients return immediately to daily activities. Additional treatments done at monthly intervals.

How long are treatments:

Treatment times vary depending on areas treated. Arm and full legs combined can be treated in as little as 30 minutes.

How many treatments, how often:

1-3 treatments depending on severity

What can patients expect, what does the treatment feels like:

None to minimal discomfort. No anesthesia needed. Post-treatment, your skin may feel warm and appear slightly reddened for an hour or two like a mild sunburn.

bbl body glow back treatment
bbl body glow explained

Before & After

BBL Body Glow Before and After Results
BBL Body Glow before and after photo by Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank of PFRANKMD in New York City, NY
BBL Body Glow Before and After Results


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Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank featured in the March 2023 issue of Elle Magazine, “A Leg Up: The Mini Is Having a Major Moment for Spring, so Give Your Legs Some Extra Love,” discussing Ellacor, BBL Body Glow, and Emsculpt.
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Is BBL Body Glow good for skin laxity?

It is not good for skin laxity. This is an epidermal treatment it’s for sun damage, super superficial texture, crepey skin. For skin tightening, you need deeper treatments.

Does BBL Body Glow change moles or nevi beauty marks, freckles, whatever you want to call them?

No, it does not. Laser in general of any kind does not affect moles. It’ll only get rid of acquired spots.

Is BBL Body Glow an IPL?

It is a type of pulse light, meaning it’s also not a laser. This is broadband light, which is specific to the Sciton technology called BBL. You could use different filters to achieve different things.

Can you use BBL Body Glow on darker skin tones?

You know, you cannot. It’s usually lighter skin types that have the problem of sun damage that would require such a treatment. Usually, patients with darker skin tones don’t have much of a problem.

Will BBL Body Glow help backne?

Although it is not specifically a treatment for acne, there’s plenty of support that broadband light can improve acne in various areas of the body.

How far back can the sun damage date for BBL Body Glow treatment?

To prehistoric times that’s how far back. If you have it, you could remove it. It doesn’t really matter when you got it, most of our sun damage is usually from decades earlier anyway.

Will BBL Body Glow remove hair?

Yes, It will remove hair, which can be difficult in using this on men who like the hair on the body. For people that want to resurface skin on the body and not remove hair I use Fraxel.

If you have BBL Body Glow treatment, when can you go on vacation?

That depends on the vacation. The nature of healing on the body is such that it always takes a couple of weeks. The face could take a couple of days to heal so it has nothing to do with the laser. You really don’t want to be sun exposed for at least two to four weeks after.

What is the BBL Body Glow healing process?

The healing process is pretty much like Fraxel. There’s some redness, then it transitions to darkening of any sun damage, and then there is a dry micro exfoliation. It is not as dramatic as Fraxel.

Can you use BBL Body Glow treatment for Rosacea?

We could absolutely use this for rosacea on the body. If you have rosacea on the body, you use vascular filters to attack redness, flushing, things of this nature.

Does BBL Body Glow hurt?

It actually doesn’t hurt very much, actually the least of most lasers I have. In fact, it doesn’t even need topical anesthesia. It’s done quite quickly with a little cool ultrasound drill so no pain.

Can you use BBL Body Glow without Fraxel?

Yes, it can be used on the face without Fraxel. I do like Fraxel best for the face and combining it with other lasers, but absolutely there are facial protocols using the BBL that are very effective.

How much does BBL Body Glow cost?

Everybody wants to know. Well, that always depends on the surface area and the number of treatments needed. If you can’t pay for a consult to see me, you could see one of my aesthetic healthcare providers complimentary.

What is the difference between Fraxel and BBL Body Glow?

Fraxel is a laser, BBL is pulse Light. Fraxel is a little bit more aggressive, but more versatile. I find BBL to be easier for body parts. I certainly can combine the technology for the ultimate result.

Is BBL Body Glow good for Crepey skin?

It is good for crepey skin. Particularly that’s superficial kind of cigarette paper, damaged skin from severe sun damage. It’s not gonna work deeply, but it will work superficially.

Will BBL Body Glow work for cellulite?

It will not work for cellulite. Sorry, kids.