A laser hair removal procedure that combines a vacuum with a cooling mechanism to maximize efficiency, speed and comfort.


A broadband light pulse treatment for crepey and sun-damaged skin that also provides quick and painless hair removal.

Aerolase Neoelite Laser

NeoElite now provides 50% faster treatment speeds and 33% higher power than earlier technology allowing for consistent, industry-leading optical energy output and predictable results.


Is Alexandrite laser still a good laser option for hair removal?

Alexandrite is a 755nm laser for hair removal to use for several purposes but it does work great for hair. There are some studies that suggest that it is the best wavelength but it’s not the best for everybody and you certainly want to have more than one option.

Which is better for hair removal: Electrolysis or laser for dark facial hair/fair skin?

You always want to use laser when you can. Electrolysis does have some side effects but is still used for certain types of hair like gray hair, very thin, or resistant hair.

Is Lumenis a good hair laser for hair removal?

I have the Lumenis Lightsheer Desire, it is my first go to for hair lasers. Though I have others, I find it to be the most versatile for different skin types and it’s very very effective.

What is the best laser for beard removal?

Beard hair removal is difficult because you can never really get it 100% and depending on the candidate and thickness you may have to combine different lasers.