Winter Skincare Tips

Cold winter weather combined with wind and low humidity can cause the skin on our hands to dry up. Good, healthy skin thrives on moisture. Like other parts of the body, our hands also need to retain moisture in order to stay soft and comfortable. If you’re someone who has been a victim of dry skin during the winter, then continue reading as we discuss some quick and simple ways to keep your skin moist and healthy.

  • Adjust your showering routine. During the winter, avoiding long and hot showers can help retain moisture in the skin. Try showering under warm water and use soaps that do not cause skin to dry out.
  • Apply appropriate skincare products. Lotions, creams, and other moisturizing products are crucial for maintaining healthy hands. For individuals who have sensitive skin and their skin dries up quickly, it is best to use thicker creams like petroleum jelly.
  • Invest in good winter clothes. Hats, scarfs, gloves, jackets, and coats all serve as a barrier between you and the harsh cold wind. It’s important to keep your skin covered to stop the wind from drying it out and making it vulnerable to cracks.
  • Use natural oils. Among natural oils, coconut oil is a good choice. The substances in coconut oil are known to treat dry skin and produce a smoother surface. In addition, they also help against sun’s UV rays and exfoliate dead cells on the skin.

Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank also offers these specialized options at his Manhattan practice:

  • Fillers: Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank utilizes fillers to produce smooth and soft skin. Over time, many environmental factors can cause our hands to become wrinkly and rough. Dermal fillers, like Radiesse, are great options for fast and easy hand rejuvenation.
  • Crème 24: This vitamin A and C based cream is great for retaining moisture in the skin, especially during the winter. The cream’s natural ingredients are safe for even the most sensitive skin and grant relief from skin inflammation, as well.

At our New York practice, we offer a wide range of treatments and products to protect and revitalize your hands. Feel free to set up a consultation with Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank to go over your needs.