Who Can Benefit from LipoSonix?

Nearly everyone would admit to loving a beautiful body shape. However, some people may struggle to get the perfect body shape with a healthy diet and exercise program alone. Today, there are many ways to decrease the size of the belly and remove unwanted fat from other areas of the body. Some of these treatments only offer temporary solutions while others have not proven to be efficient at removing fat. However, when you choose LipoSonix, you can avoid all of these problems and enjoy a newly sculpted shape without the unwanted side effects.

What Is LipoSonix?

LipoSonix is a completely noninvasive treatment that relies on high-intensity ultrasound waves to destroy fat cells in the belly and on the nearby love handles. While the energy used is similar to what is used during a diagnostic ultrasound, we specifically target the fat cells that are located an inch or less beneath the surface of the skin.

During the treatment, the fat cells are destroyed, and the body naturally responds to these changes in its cellular makeup. Your own liver will break down the fat cells and get rid of them as debris from your body. You can expect to see amazing results within a month or less of beginning the treatment. LipoSonix is designed to be used as a body sculpting treatment rather than as a weight loss treatment.

Who Is a Good Candidate for LipoSonix?

Because LipoSonix is not primarily designed for weight loss, you should be at or very close to a healthy body weight. You should be unhappy or dissatisfied with the shape of your belly or your love handles and should desire approximately a one-inch reduction in these areas. This treatment is primarily designed to get rid of stubborn fat that has not responded to other typical fat-reduction techniques. In general, this treatment cannot be used after liposuction or after any other surgeries in the area.

What Happens during a LipoSonix Treatment?

During the treatment, you will be comfortable at all times although you will feel the ultrasound head moving about the area and may feel some tingling or warmth. After your treatment, you will not need any recovery time but can immediately go back to your usual activities. You should not have any real discomfort, and any other symptoms you experience will be mild and transient.

LipoSonix at PFRANKMD™ in New York is a great way to decrease your unwanted fat around your midsection especially and to decrease your overall dress or pants size by one number. After your treatment, you will appear more sculpted and will be excited to show off your new shapely and youthful figure. If you are interested in learning more about this newer, innovative treatment, we recommend that you give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced specialists.