What Sets Exilis Ultra Apart?

Exilis Ultra is a non-invasive, effective laser treatment used to tighten your skin. This body sculpting technology has no down time and combines ultrasound and radio frequency technologies. Your skin is tightened due to the combination of enhanced elastin and collagen production. An Energy Flow Control or EFC is used by the laser to combine the ultrasound and radio frequency technologies. This controls how much energy is focused on the area while targeting specific parts of your body. This makes the technology both ultra effective and extremely safe. The technology provides you with the flexibility required to target almost every part of your body.

Exilis Ultra forces the heat deep into your skin. Maximum comfort is ensured due to the cooling technology during your treatment. Once the heat has penetrated your skin, your fat cells are overheated and die. The cells are flushed using your lymphatic system. Your collagen production is stimulated by the heat to add more volume to your skin, reduce wrinkles and tighten your skin.

The best possible candidates are in overall good physical condition and do not have excessive tissue laxity requiring surgery. The ideal facial candidates are women or men with some laxity or the start of jowls in the lower face.

The Benefits of Exilis Ultra

Exilis Ultra has been successfully used to tighten the skin. It is important to understand this procedure is not the same as plastic surgery. If you have a significant amount of excess skin, fat or laxity, you will probably require surgery.

The number of treatments necessary are dependent on the area you want to treat, your age, the condition of your skin and your desired results. Your results will depend on the condition of the area and the specific body part treated. Your body should start producing collagen within ninety days after your treatment. Some people have reported results after just one treatment.

The treatment does not require an exercise routine or any dietary restrictions. Your results will improve by drinking more water, reducing your intake of carbohydrates and burning calories. This treatment is often used to begin a healthier lifestyle. For more information on Exilis Ultra at PFRANKMD™ in New York, please contact us today to schedule your consultation!