What Are My Options For a Non-Surgical Nose Job?

Whether you’re hesitant to have surgery or you don’t have the time for the recovery process after surgery, there are non-surgical options that you have for a nose job. A non-surgical nose job is often done in the office so that there is no real recovery time when you get home as minimal anesthetics are used. A dermal filler is used instead of surgical tools that are used in an operating room.

When you are in the office, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank will inject a small amount of the filler into the contours of the nose along the areas that you want to improve. The filler can help to add shape to the nose or straighten the bridge of the nose. This is a benefit for those who have odd bumps or crevices on their nose and want a minimally-invasive procedure so that the shape appears normal and balanced on each side.

It only takes about 20 minutes to complete the process. If more filler needs to be added, then more filler can be added until you are satisfied with the results. Since you’re not asleep during the procedure, you can see how your nose will look when the filler is injected.

After the procedure, you can usually continue with your normal activities later in the day. There is minimal swelling and redness from the injections and minimal pain. A benefit is that you won’t have surgery to recover from when you choose this kind of nose job. This is also an option for those who aren’t sure if they want to make a permanent change to the shape of the nose.

A non-surgical nose job usually doesn’t last for a long time compared to one that is performed in the operating room where small pieces of cartilage and bone are removed, allowing you to get a good look at how your nose can look if you were to decide on a permanent solution in the future. Non-surgical procedures are a good option for those who need a revision after a surgical process so that they can have a bit more shape and contouring.

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