Tumescent Liposuction Recovery: Expectations & Tips for a Full Recovery

Tumescent liposuction is a safe and effective alternative to get rid of unwanted body fat that won’t go away with diet and exercise. From the arms and legs, to the buttocks and stomach, liposuction is considered one of the top five minimally invasive cosmetic surgical procedures for fat removal. Although minimally invasive, liposuction requires a proper recovery to ensure great results and minimize the risk for complications.

Dr. Frank, a New York City board-certified cosmetic surgeon, shares some of his recommendations on liposuction recovery to help minimize downtime and reduce the risk for post-procedure complications.

How Can You Reduce Liposuction Recovery Time?

As one of the best cosmetic surgeons in New York City, Dr. Frank performs tumescent liposuction to help patients remove unwanted body fat and contour their natural body shape. With every minimally invasive procedure, there will be some downtime required to ensure the best results are achieved. Here are some tips to help you recover quickly after your tumescent liposuction treatment:
1. Wear and maintain compression garments as instructed: Your surgeon may recommend that you wear a compression garment for a period of time after the procedure. This helps reduce the risk of infection and minimize swelling.

2. Take the medications as prescribed: You may be prescribed pain medication to help manage any discomfort during the recovery process. It’s important to take these medications as directed by your surgeon.

3. Avoid strenuous activity: Avoid strenuous activity, such as heavy lifting and exercise, for at least the first week after the procedure. Your surgeon will provide you with specific instructions on when you can resume normal activities.

4. Keep incisions clean: It’s important to keep the incision sites clean and dry to reduce the risk of infection. Follow your surgeon’s instructions on how to care for the incision sites.

5. Eat a balanced diet: A well-balanced diet helps support your recovery and improve the results after tumescent liposuction. It’s important to eat a balanced diet that is rich in nutrients and to drink plenty of fluids to help your body heal.

    Maintaining Results After Liposuction Recovery

    Over the years, Dr. Frank has recommended exercise to keep unwanted fat from returning. While exercise is recommended, it’s also critical that you work with your cosmetic surgeon to understand your recovery timeline and what types of exercise are safe to do when. In addition, a healthy, well-balanced diet is highly recommended to maintain your liposuction results.

    Once you have that timeline established, it is important to not neglect exercise as part of the liposuction recovery process.

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