Treat Sun Damage with Fraxel Thulium

Growing up, you likely spent countless hours lounging by the pool or playing ball at the park. If you have spent much time outdoors, you may have paid little attention to if you remembered to apply your sunscreen. If you spent hours outdoors without sunscreen, you were also not likely to be concerned with the possibility of long-term sun damage as the result. Fraxel Thulium™ could offer the solution for those who suffered from the sun.

As you begin to age, you may notice the appearance of sun spots, fine lines, wrinkles, or sagging and somewhat leathery skin. These skin problems are typically associated with sun damage due to unprotected sun exposure. Fortunately, most skin problems are treatable. If you are recognizing these skin problems, you may be eligible to treat your sun damage with Fraxel Thulium™.

Fraxel Thulium™ is a popular skin therapy that utilizes cutting-edge technology to treat your skin and any visible sun damage. This highly-effective skin treatment utilizes the newest technological advancements for skin renewal by stimulating collagen production deep beneath the surface. The penetrative lasers work with your skin’s natural healing processes. It does this through a dual treatment method to better promote healing that may have been hindered by prolonged exposure to the sun. If you are considering Fraxel Thulium™ for your skin repair needs, here are a few of the many benefits you should expect to receive with your treatment.

1) It smooths wrinkles and fine lines with precise problem targeting. This procedure’s precision works to carefully focus on problematic areas of your skin such as pigmentation. Additionally, this treatment has the potential to treat larger problem areas if requested or required.

2) It utilizes two types of treatments simultaneously. The dual treatments have the ability to target different types of skin problems to give optimum results. This may be helpful if you have fine lines that need smoothing, as well as brown spots and pigmentation that need removing.

3) These treatments make use of microscopic laser columns that have the ability to penetrate deeply beneath your skin. The penetrative abilities involved with this twofold treatment offer quick, long-lasting results.

4) Prolonged sun exposure may lead to long-term skin damage, even if sunscreen is used. If you are showing external signs of sun damage, Fraxel Thulium™ can help to reduce the appearance of sun spots, discoloration, redness, and that leathery texture many sunbathers experience.

5) Hyperpigmentation may make you feel self-conscious about your skin’s appearance. If you spend hours each week applying makeup to correct discolorations, Fraxel Thulium™ can help you. Because the dual lasers work to eliminate fine lines and age spots, any pigmentation issues are easily corrected.

Scientists and dermatologists have warned the world about prolonged sun exposure for decades, especially involving sun exposure without sufficient sun protection. If you are guilty of spending far too long basking in the sun, your skin may be showing signs of sun damage. If you are seeking treatment options for your sun damaged skin, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank may have the answer you’re looking for in Fraxel Thulium™. Contact our office today, located in New York, NY, for a consultation!