Top 3 Treatments for Summertime Acne & Breakouts

New York City Summer Climate and Acne

During the summer months, New York City sparkles with life: outdoor concerts in the park, sidewalk cafés, street fairs and markets.  Yet the hot, humid weather can wreak havoc on acne-prone skin.  Why does summertime skin tend to have more blemishes? In short, there is a correlation between hot weather and bacteria thriving in clogged pores.

Breaking Out during the Summer

Walk out the door on a New York City Summer day and you will feel the sweat beads start to form. Sweat is the body’s mechanism to keep the body temperature in equilibrium. Unfortunately, under certain conditions excessive sweating also can lead to clogged pores. When the pores are clogged, they start to stockpile excess oil (sebum), conditions that are ideal for acne-causing bacteria to grow. Throw in some city air and you have a special formula for flare ups.

When it comes to treating summer flare ups, there is an extra consideration: the sun. Many topical (retinoids) and oral medications (antibiotics) used to combat acne increase the skin’s sensitivity to UV radiation. This increases the risk of sunburns, which can premature aging and skin cancer. So it is important to follow a nourishing anti-acne skincare routine and take additional steps to protect the skin from the summer sun.

Skincare Tips to Treat Summer Acne

Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, a leading New York board-certified dermatologist, recommends using a gentle, non-drying, daily cleanser that contains salicylic acid, which can heal blemished skin and help prevent future breakouts. Do not pick at pimples or blackheads–doing so can worsen the problem and potentially lead to scarring.

Dr. Frank offers a range of treatments for acne. His most popular treatments include:

  • Clear & Bright Pads. Soaked in a liquid that contains alpha (glycolic and lactic) and beta (salicylic) hydroxy acids, these medicated pads combat acne, but are gentle enough to use every day. The pads exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells to reveal a brighter complexion.
  • ClearSpot Concealer. To reduce inflammation and minimize redness, Dr. Frank recommends this effective product to conceal active acne.
  • LED Light Therapy. A series of LED light therapy treatments can calm acne and kill bacteria. Ideal for the summer time when laser may not be an option.

If the New York summer climate is exacerbating your acne, Dr. Frank can formulate a comprehensive skincare plan to reduce inflammation, promote healing, and prevent future breakouts. Based on the overall condition of your skin, he will design a customized skincare routine that will help your skin glow. Contact his Manhattan office to schedule a consultation.