The Best Cellulite Treatments in NYC

If you’re fed up with stubborn cellulite that won’t go away, and you want the best available cellulite treatments, discover what we offer right here in NYC at PFRANKMD™. We all know how hard it is to remove cellulite. That’s why we only provide treatments that have a proven record of success. In our NYC office, you’ll find the best cellulite treatments currently available anywhere.

Cellulite Treatments Available in Our NYC Office


You might be familiar with Sculptra® as a facial filler. Used on the face, it fills and plumps up wrinkles. Doctors have now discovered that it also does a wonderful job filling and plumping up the dimples of cellulite.

The Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank simply injects Sculptra® into the dimpled areas of your buttocks and thighs. To remove all your cellulite, you will probably need multiple treatments spaced four to six weeks apart. The results will last one to two years.


Radiesse® is another product that first became famous as a facial filler. Radiesse® fills lines and sagging areas of the face to make them look fuller and more youthful.

The procedure for using Radiesse® to treat cellulite is similar to the treatment with Sculptra®. Dr. Frank injects Radiesse® into the lumps and bumps caused by cellulite. The result is smooth, full skin with no dimples. Like Sculptra®, Radiesse® lasts longer in the buttocks and thighs than it does in the face. Your Radiesse® results will last one to two years.


VASERsmooth is outpatient surgery that is minimally-invasive and uses lasers to penetrate deep into the skin’s layers where cellulite forms. VASERsmooth breaks down the fat cells and builds collagen into the skin, creating a firm, toned area free of bumps and dimples.

VASERsmooth requires only local anesthesia. Patients recover quickly, with many returning to work and resuming exercise in just a few days.

Choose Your Cellulite Treatments in NYC

Radiesse® and Sculptra®

  • These are good choices if you want a nonsurgical, noninvasive treatment that is simple, quick and painless.
  • Using fillers is typically less expensive than having surgery.
  • You will have to repeat the treatment in a year or two.


  • This is the best option if you want permanent cellulite reduction.
  • VASERsmooth is less invasive than liposuction or plastic surgery.
  • You can add treatments to enhance your results with VASERsmooth.

Choose from the Best NYC Cellulite Treatments

When it comes to the battle against cellulite, you need every available option. That’s why PFRANKMD™ in NYC gives you the choice of three proven cellulite treatments. To determine which one is right for you, contact us today to schedule your consultation!