Rejuvenate Your Skin with a PFRANKMD Stem Cell Facelift

A stem cell facelift is a treatment enabling you to completely rejuvenate your face without having surgery. Not only is your skin effectively lifted, there are no incisions necessary. This technique has been used for years with exceptional results. The development of the stem cell facelift is based on evidence showing this procedure offers both anti-aging and cosmetic benefits. The stem cells have a beneficial impact on your tissue. The result is an improvement in the structure of your skin, a reversal of skin aging and an increase in your production of collagen. A good example are the results of a particular case study. The stem cells from the individual’s fat were injected into the outer area of the eye. After a period of 60 days, the skin in this area was noticeably thicker. There was also an improvement in the appearance of crow’s feet. 

There is no doubt that stem cells have significant restorative properties. These properties are now able to be used for cosmetic applications such as the stem cell facelift. Dermal fillers have become extremely popular for achieving smoother skin and decreasing the appearance of wrinkles, but cosmetic fillers are temporary and usually lasts for about six months. The stem cell facelift is a non-toxic, longer-lasting, and much healthier option. The purpose of this treatment is the restoration of the shape of your face including much more youthful contours. This results in an extremely noticeable improvement in the quality of your skin and an improvement in pigmentation irregularities and tightness. These issues are caused by the environment, exposure to the harmful rays of the sun and the process of aging. 

Individuals who have experienced a stem cell facelift were able to dramatically decrease or eliminate the need for numerous maintenance treatments such as injections of cosmetic fillers and Botox®. The basis of the stem cell facelift is the regenerative abilities of adult stem cells. Your body contains in excess of a hundred trillion cells. The most important type of cell are your stem cells. There are very few specialized cells in your body capable of transforming into a specific type of cell for the replacement of damaged and worn cells. One of the most common areas to find large quantities of stem cells is fat or adipose tissue. The transplantation of stem cells into a different area of the body results in the formation of new tissue in the area the cells were transplanted. 

The stem cell facelift combines your transplanted fat with the regenerative power of your stem cells for a significant improvement in the survival of your tissues. During the process, your abdominal stem cells and fat are combined with specific growth factors. This enables your adipose tissue and stem cells to transform into the tissue required to restore your fat. This will enhance your skin and facial volume for an improvement in the texture and quality of your skin. The stem cell facelift is an excellent option if you are interested in rejuvenating your face without the lengthy period of recovery or associated risks of having facelift surgery. 

If you have had a facelift in the past and do not want to have more surgery or if you are experiencing moderate facial aging, a stem cell facelift is an excellent option. Your stem cell facelift will be customized based on your specific needs. You will receive a fat transplant to certain areas of your face including your jaw, chin and brows. The best candidates are interested in a natural and more youthful appearance without the need for surgery. Your treatment will be performed by harvesting some of your adult stem cells. 

Harvesting stem cells for treating the signs of aging has become the newest way to achieve optimal results. The recommendation is that you have another procedure about four or five months after your stem cell facelift. This will help stimulate the cells that have already been transplanted. There is no downtime and any bruising has been virtually eliminated. You may be advised to use a topical cream for approximately six to twelve months after your treatment. This will optimize both the regeneration process and your skin. This is a day procedure taking place in an operating room. Only topical and local anesthesia is necessary to help keep you comfortable while your treatment is taking place. Once placed in your face, your adult stem cells will help produce additional growth factors. This will restore the youthful shape and contour of your face while improving the tightness of your skin. 

The Procedure for a Stem Cell Facelift

The procedure performed for a stem cell facelift includes a local and topical anesthetic. Neither intravenous or general anesthesia will be used during your treatment. Your procedure will be performed in a traditional operating room. You will receive a local anesthesia injection in either your inner thigh or your lower abdomen. Local anesthesia will then be applied to your face. This is a lot like receiving anesthesia during a dental procedure. A few minutes are then required to enable the anesthesia to take effect. The subcutaneous fat from the medial area of your thigh or your abdomen will then be suctioned with a small syringe. This only requires the small puncture of a needle. These donor sites are used because they have the highest content and concentration of stem cells. 

Your fat will not need to be washed or placed in a centrifuge as opposed to the other techniques for fat grafting. A special technique for blotting will remove the blood and oil products from your fat. This technique will not cause any damage to your cells before they can be transplanted. Growth factors will be added to the mixture of your stem cells and adipose fat cells. Your stem and fat cells will be transplanted to your face using a multi-planer technique. The first layer of growth factors and cells is transplanted at bone level in your midface. The second layer into the mid structures and muscles of your face. The third level beneath the surface of your skin for the regeneration of aging skin. 

The final layer of adipocytes and stem cells are mixed using a different combination of growth factors. This provides a different stimulation for your skin. The technique used for your injection uses extremely small amounts of the mixture in a linear style. This enables your blood vessels in the surrounding tissue to grow more rapidly. This technique is completely different than standard fat grafting because more than one plane is used for the grafting of fat. When specific growth factors are used with the multi-planer technique, your stem cells can potentially become the specific tissue located in each injected plane. This means your facial rejuvenation will be more complete, enabling a smooth contour to your skin and underlying soft tissue. 

This process provides you with a complete rejuvenation of your face. This will address the loss of volume in your face caused by the process of aging in addition to improving both the quantity and quality of your skin.  

There is also a very similar procedure available called an augmented stem cell facelift. The only difference between the two treatments is the augmented version adds the stem cells of the individual to the growth factor mixture. To perform an augmented stem cell facelift, adult stem cells must be harvested or collected. This procedure is usually performed on the same day as the actual stem cell facelift. 

A process referred to as apheresis is used to collect the stem cells. During this procedure, two intravenous lines are placed in the individual so the blood can be transferred to a machine. The removal of the stem cells requires between 60 and 90 minutes. This provides you with the ability to use large amounts of highly concentrated adult stem cells for transplant with local stems cells and your body fat.

This will enhance your final results. You also have the advantage of having your own stem cells to use in the future for cosmetic and regenerative medicine. Your stem cells will be stored and maintained. You should be fully recovered from the procedure within seven to ten days. This will depend on how severely the aging process has impacted your face. Your treatment will be customized for your specific needs and goals. You will continue to see an improvement in the texture and quality of your facial skin for as long as 12 months. The basis of a stem cell facelift are the regenerative properties of stem cells. These cells are one of the most important cells in your entire body because they can replace worn out and damaged cells. Many of your stem cells are naturally located in your adipose or fat tissues. 

By combining fat and stem cells for transplantation into specific areas of your face, new tissue is rebuilt by the stem cells. This will provide you with additional volume in your face while improving the texture and quality of your skin. Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced due to the new volume. Transplanting stem cells in addition to a fat transfer will increase your new tissue’s survival rate. The stem cell facelift uses the tissue from your own body to rejuvenate and replenish specific areas of your face. Adult derived stem cells live in adipose and body fat. The difference between fat grafting techniques performed in the past and a stem cell facelift is once the fat has been removed it is processed. This increases the amount of adult cell stems contained in the transplanted fat. 

The Benefits of a Stem Cell Facelift

An important part of the stem cell facelift is the grafting of fat. This will remove the undesirable fat from other parts of your body so it can be transferred to your face. Regenerative cells are naturally contained in your fat. This includes adult stem cells, cells secreting growth factors and cells producing blood vessels. These are regenerative cells triggering your natural healing process when your tissue is damaged. During your treatment, your cells are injected into your superficial muscular system and beneath your facial musculature. When this is applied to aging facial tissue, the cells will produce healthy new tissue for a rejuvenated and refreshed appearance. This provides you with numerous benefits including: 

  • There is virtually no swelling with this treatment. Inflammation is usually triggered by fillers right after they have been injected. Fillers containing stem cells contain the anti-inflammatory factors from your body. This virtually eliminates any swelling or redness. 
  • The stem cell facelift filler contains your stem cells and body fat. This means the chances of rejecting the filler or having an allergic reaction have been eliminated. 
  • In some cases, a technique for gentle liposuction is used prior to your stem cell facelift to remove the undesirable fat from different areas of your body. This process generally targets the belly fat located on your lower abdomen. This fat can also be removed from nearly any area including your back, thighs, or hips. The result is a more attractive and contoured body due to the removal of the stubborn fat. 
  • The fat transplant becomes permanent due to the addition of stem cells to the fat. This helps your blood vessel formation and keeps it alive. 
  • Due to the stimulation of your rejuvenation process from the regenerative cells, your skin is plumped when the fat cells are injected. This results in a youthful volume, filling in fine lines, wrinkles and hollows and youthful, plumper and smooth skin. 
  • The filler contains stem cells. This ensures the surrounding skin appears radiant and much healthier. The texture of your skin will feel and look a lot smoother. 
  • The techniques used for facial surgery in the past could create the appearance of a wind tunnel. This occurred because the skin was tightly pulled for the elimination of wrinkles. The stem cell facelift is different because it fills hollows and smooths out wrinkles by increasing the volume of your skin. This means your skin no longer needs to be tightly pulled. The effect of the additional volume is skin that appears natural with a youthful plumpness. 
  • The typical filler application can result in excessive plumpness because a fat graft is being introduced as a foreign substance. The risk of over-plumping has been eliminated with this procedure. 
  • The stem cells applied to your face activate the release of stem cells from the reserves in your body. This provides excellent benefits for your entire body. 
  • Since your stem cells are being used, there is no need for products with preservatives and chemicals. This is important for individuals with immune issues and chemical sensitivities. 

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