Does it feel like the aging process is having a negative impact on your skin? Have you considered pursuing a treatment, but are concerned about how it may affect the rest of your skin? Consider plasma resurfacing with the Subnovii pen! This unique treatment provides targeted improvement to specific areas of the skin to rejuvenate and smooth signs of aging. Learn more during a consultation with us at the office of Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank in New York, NY!

What Is Plasma Resurfacing with the Subnovii Pen?

Plasma resurfacing with the Subnovii pen is a unique skin resurfacing treatment that harnesses the power of plasma, which is the fourth state of matter. Subnovii is the first FDA-approved handheld plasma device, and it uses an exclusive low frequency technology and energy to address the appearance of signs of aging. This treatment may be used to address:

Acne scars

Benign lesions

Lines around the mouth or neck

Skin around the upper and lower eyelids

Skin laxity


Plasma resurfacing with the Subnovii pen offers a treatment option for concerns that may be resistant to injectables or other laser-based treatments.

Subnovii Plasma Technology pen

What Could I Expect from a Plasma Resurfacing Treatment Session?

Plasma resurfacing with the Subnovii pen is performed under local anesthesia in the comfort of our New York office. During the treatment, the pen delivers plasma energy to the skin. The patented wavelength promotes the production of new collagen while simultaneously smoothing and contracting existing connective tissues.

These plasma resurfacing treatments offer a targeted treatment approach, and surrounding skin is left unaffected. There is little downtime associated with this skin resurfacing treatment, and most individuals enjoy recovery within a week.

It is important to keep in mind the best results may take some time to see. While you may experience some initial results shortly after treatment, the best results will develop over time as your body responds to the stimulation for new collagen production and rejuvenated tissues. Results will ultimately vary for each person and the concerns addressed.

Plasma Resurfacing Before and After photo by Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank of PFRANKMD in New York City, NY

Could I Benefit from this Treatment?

Plasma resurfacing treatments with the Subnovii pen may be beneficial for most individuals who are frustrated with the appearance of localized skin concerns. It may be utilized for most skin tones and types, and most generally healthy adults may qualify as candidates.

To best determine you candidacy for this treatment, we recommend a consultation with our professionals in New York. During your visit, a provider will examine your skin and discuss your concerns and goals for treatment. This will be used to develop your personalized plan for treatment.

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Subnovii Plasma Resurfacing video by Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank of PFRANKMD in New York City, NY
Subnovii Plasma Resurfacing treatment video by Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank of PFRANKMD in New York City, NY