Mommy Makeover: Micropigmentation for Stretch Marks

You’ve been blessed with a beautiful baby. You wouldn’t change a single thing that you have gone through to hold your precious little one in your hands. That doesn’t mean you wouldn’t mind getting your pre-baby body back. You can exercise and eat the right balance of healthy foods to see your shape tone up gradually after delivery of your baby. It will take time, but eventually, you can have confidence in your figure again. However, there is one problem that you can’t erase. It’s your stretch marks. You’ve tried creams that are supposed to help, but those marks are still really noticeable. They make you feel self-conscious. Fortunately, micropigmentation could offer you a solution.

Understanding Micropigmentation

When you choose micropigmentation, you will be able to make your stretch marks blend in with the natural tones of your skin. The micropigmentation means having color applied in such a way that the stretch marks will no longer stand out in a color that contrasts your skin. As color is applied, it may even break up some of your scar tissue. The end result is skin that looks more uniform once again.

Why Choose Micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation can address scars and blemishes all over the body, covering them with pigmentation that enhances the skin. The same holds true when it comes to your stretch marks. You have noticed how they don’t match the rest of your skin. They may look white or dark purple. Every woman is different. Our skilled micropigmentation expert will assess your stretch marks, look at the rest of your skin, and find the best way to create a seamless blend. When your treatment is over, you may not be able to tell where those stretch marks were anymore.

Cover Up Your Stretch Marks with Micropigmentation

With micropigmentation, you can take advantage of the skills of a qualified artist who can restore the appearance of skin that has been blemished by stretch marks. Schedule a visit at PFRANKMD™ with Christopher Drummond for a consultation and talk about your goals for your stretch marks. Our professional will evaluate your skin and discuss a plan of action. You don’t have to live with these marks for the rest of your life. Stretch marks might be unavoidable after pregnancy and other life changes, but you could soften their appearance with micropigmentation. Contact us today to book a consultation at our office in New York, NY!