Microdroplet Silicone Injections: An Effective Scar Treatment

If you have scars on your face, it is likely that you have tried many over-the-counter treatments and even natural remedies. Unfortunately, you probably haven’t had much success. So it is likely that you try to hide the scars with makeup. However, no matter how makeup much makeup you use, you may not be able to cover them well. And you probably love the idea of being able to go makeup free. We would like to tell you how you can achieve this goal. Microdroplet silicone injections at PFRANKMD™ can be used as an effective scar treatment.

How the Treatment Works

If this is your first time reading about silicone injections, you may be surprised that they are used to treat scars. Silicone is actually used quite often in cosmetic and medical products. Since it is one of the most non-reactive substances that is found in the world, it can be used as a medical lubricant and in makeup, skin care products, and conditioners.

You do not need to worry about having your skin tested before having this treatment done. This high quality silicone is purified and sterile. It has been approved by the FDA to be used for cosmetic and medical purposes.

The microdroplet silicone injections involve gently injecting some medical silicone right into the area where you have scars. You are going to get the benefit of having a little bit of lift thanks to the scar treatment. However, the real benefit comes from the body producing more collagen around the liquid silicone. After some time has passed, collagen is going to completely surround the silicone. This will lead to a smooth, soft, and natural appearance. Since the product is applied in such small amounts, you do not need to worry about the product shifting or over-correcting.

Many have found that combining this scar treatment with other skin care treatments is extremely beneficial. For example, it can very easily be combined with surgical procedures and laser treatments.

What Should You Expect?

If you decide to have this treatment done, you should know that the results that you will get are going to be gradual. There will be a tiny bit of lift that will be noticeable as soon as the injections are given. However, the real results are seen as more collagen is built under the skin.

In order for you to know if you are a good candidate for this scar treatment, you should speak with the experts at PFRANKMD™ in New York, NY. We would be happy to develop a customized treatment plan to fit your needs. If it is determined that microdroplet silicone injections are the best option for your scars, the we will go ahead with the treatment. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!