Laser Hair Removal: Eliminate Hair For Good

You have been shaving for a very long time. It started back in your teen years, and you have been continuing this outdated practice with no end in sight. Sure, you like smooth skin—especially when you rid your face of upper lip and chin hairs that do more to annoy you than anything else. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, you still like to look professional and sexy too. Getting rid of unwanted body hair helps to satisfy that goal. Yet, scrapes, nicks, and cuts are both unpleasant and quite unnecessary. How is that, you say? Easy, by getting laser hair removal treatments. Then there is the matter of ridding your unwanted body hair for good. Some people already possess this luxury, thanks to laser hair removal. You could be among the ranks of those who no longer need to waste time shaving.

How It Works

Now, it is important that you do not get the wrong idea about laser hair removal. You cannot simply go have one laser treatment done and expect that your unwanted body hair will never grow back. Laser hair removal works by using photon energy to impair hair follicles. While this will cause the hair to fall out. It can take many treatments before your follicles give up and stop producing hair again. For most people, this means they will need to undergo at least eight laser hair removal treatments. Along the way, you will notice that your hair is growing in slower and less thick. Eventually, the hair stops growing back for really long periods of time. Some people come in for one or two maintenance treatments a year. Your body has a lot to do with determining how long you can go without needing a maintenance treatment with the laser.

What About Darker Skin Tones?

Older lasers could only target hair follicles of people who had pale skin and dark hair. Back then, you were out of luck if you had a dark skin tone. Today, lasers can be calibrated to handle this situation far more effectively. Now days, virtually anyone can get the hair lasered off their body no matter how dark their skin happens to be. So, if you are ready to shelve your shaving equipment for good, then it is time to eliminate all that unwanted body hair and gain your freedom.

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