Is EMSCULPT Right for Me?

You have done everything you can to shape your body. You go to the gym. You take the stairs instead of the elevator. You park far away from your office so you can walk. You eat salads instead of brownies. You’ve managed to get your weight to a number that makes you happy, but you still aren’t seeing what you want when you look at your body. You’re dealing with excess fat that is hanging on to certain areas and not enough muscle tone with your effort. Even though you keep doing exercises that target these troublesome spots, nothing is working. EMSCULPT® could be the answer!

Understanding EMSCULPT®

EMSCULPT® is applied to your abdomen and your buttocks. It is ideal for individuals that are already fit and provides that extra edge to increase muscle tone and reduce fat.

The device uses electromagnetic energy. It’s high intensity and it’s focused on the area that you want to sculpt such as lifting the buttocks and toning the abdomen. The device applies the energy to an area where you need it. It makes the muscles contract in that area that needs extra help. Imagine doing 20,000 crunches in 30 minutes while resting! Emsculpt ® gives you that extra edge.

The EMSCULPT® device is more effective than what you are going to do on your own. It will work more quickly as well. Four treatments in a two-week period per area will give you positive results.

Is EMSCULPT® the Best Solution?

EMSCULPT® targets the buttocks and the abdomen. If you are looking for more extensive fat removal, you may need to consider other options. EMSCULPT® is ideal for individuals who have reached their goal weight, are physically active, and in good health. The best way to find out if this is the right treatment for you is to see our experts at PFRANKMD™.

Ask Us About EMSCULPT®

You are ready to finish the transformation of your body. You want to sculpt it and feel good about yourself. EMSCULPT® treatments at the office of Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank in New York, NY could be that extra nudge you need to get results. Simply schedule an appointment to learn more about this exciting treatment. Open the door to the possibility of EMSCULPT® by contacting us today and scheduling a consultation at PFRANKMD™!