Introducing UltraTight by Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank

Collagen plays a huge role in the structure of the entire body. The protein helps keep the body’s connective tissues healthy. It also provides strength and structure to your bones and skin. Unfortunately, the body starts to produce less and less collagen as you get older. While this can cause a variety of issues, the most obvious is loose and sagging skin. This will instantly ruin any chance of maintaining a youthful appearance, especially when it occurs on the neck. Loose skin under the jaw can be effectively taken care of with UltraTight™ by Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank.

What Is UltraTight™?

UltraTight™ is a new innovative cosmetic procedure developed by Dr. Frank that repairs skin elasticity issues on the jawline and neck with minimally-invasive techniques. The procedure is able to repair your issues using ultrasound waves and minimally-invasive liposuction. UltraTight™ was specially designed by Dr. Frank to treat sagging neck skin, and he is the only doctor in the world performing this amazing procedure. This means that you will only be able to get the best possible treatment for your turkey neck or double chin by visiting Dr. Frank at PFRANKMD™ in New York.

What to Expect

You will have to meet with Dr. Frank at a consultation appointment before you can get approved for the UltraTight™ procedure. He will perform a quick physical exam while also discussing your expectations from the treatment. If you get approved, then you return for another appointment at a later date.

Dr. Frank will give you a local anesthetic before starting the procedure. Once you are comfortable, he will begin the procedure by placing two small incisions in the target area. The internal ultrasound device is then placed. The heat created by the ultrasonic waves will help tighten the loose skin by forcing the body to produce extra collagen while eliminating fat deposits.

Recovery and Results

Dr. Frank specifically designed the UltraTight™ procedure to ensure that his patients do not have to go through a lengthy recovery process. It is recommended to take two or three days off of work to give your body the proper time to heal. You will be free to return to your normal life with almost no restrictions after this short recovery period.

It is not often that you can undergo a cosmetic procedure with the doctor that invented the treatment, but that is exactly what will happen with UltraTight™ by Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank. If you are interested in this procedure, contact us today to schedule your consultation!