Hand Rejuvenation with Radiesse

Your hands are always on display. In the past, you might not have thought much about the appearance of your hands. However, things have changed now that you are getting older. Perhaps your hands are making you feel prematurely old. The good news is you could benefit from hand rejuvenation using Radiesse®.

Restoring Volume and Elasticity

Two things that make your hands look older are the fact that they lose volume and elasticity as you age. As the fat layer of your hands is depleted, your joints, tendons, and bones become more prominent. Your skin starts to sag and you develop wrinkles. Additionally, the older your hands get, the easier it is for them to bruise.

Hand rejuvenation using Radiesse® is a great way to give your hands their youthful fullness again. It hydrates your skin, it instantly adds volume to your skin, and it encourages the skin around the treated area to produce collagen again.

It is surprising how much younger a person looks when their hands look full. When you shake someone’s hand who has the proper amount of volume, their hands feel soft. When you shake someone’s hand who has experienced volume loss as a result of aging, their hands tend to feel bony, rough, and dry.

Hand Rejuvenation and Other Cosmetic Procedures

Many people have decided to complement their other cosmetic treatments and procedures with hand rejuvenation. They realize that their hands play a large role in determining how other people view them. Since they want to look younger overall, they realize that more than just having a youthful-looking face is involved. Once a person sees the results hand rejuvenation can have on their appearance, they do not want to go backward. They want the complete look.

If you are concerned that your hands are making you look prematurely old or if you are concerned that your hands are giving other people the wrong impression about you, now may be the perfect time to learn more about hand rejuvenation with Radiesse®. Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank and his team can also combine this procedure with Fraxel Thulium™ for hand rejuvenation in order to bring about amazing results.

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