Explore Our Signature Treatments

Explore Our Signature Treatments

At the office of Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, we offer many of the best and most popular cosmetic treatments and aesthetic procedures to help you feel and look like a better version of yourself. We also offer various signature treatments. No matter what age you are, what area you want tweaked or how you feel about the procedure, we can set your mind at ease and work with you to choose just the right option for your needs and your goals. In fact, many of our procedures are completely non-invasive while others are just minimally-invasive, helping you see results without having to undergo surgery.

Many of our non-surgical procedures give you results that appear to be as dramatic as those that you would see after going under the knife, yet they do not require any incisions. We can provide the look of a facelift or brow lift without having to perform surgery. Non-surgical procedures help you heal and get back to your everyday life incredibly quickly.

Our injectable treatments can help you get rid of unwanted lines and wrinkles, allow you to fill in hollowed-out cheeks and give you gorgeous lips. We offer the standard injectable treatments and our PFRANKMD™ ENSO Injectable signature treatments.

Our signature treatments are unlike any you will find at another clinic. We take pride in our cutting-edge treatments that help you feel great about yourself once again. Our Pigment Protocol uses PICO Genesis to even out your skin tone and get rid of hyperpigmentation. TLT Treatment tightens, lifts and tones skin of the face and body by boosting collagen production using a combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound devices. The Stem Cell Facelift uses your own stem cells collected from your fat cells to boost health in your facial skin, giving you a tightened appearance.

No matter what cosmetic need you have for your face or body, we invite you to contact us today at the office of Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank and book an appointment at our office in New York, NY.