Even Out Your Skin Tone with Pigment Protocol by PFRANKMD

Consider your skin the canvas for your body. It contains melanin, which is what gives your skin color. It also determines the color of your eyes and hair. The shade of your skin is determined by the level of melanin in your skin. You skin may overproduce melanin as you get older, which can cause redness or brown patches to appear, making you feel self-conscious. It can happen for a variety of reasons. You may undergo changes in your skin after you have had exposure to the sun, especially if you have been exposed often without any sunscreen. Bouts of acne, hormonal fluctuations, and your heredity may affect your skin tone as well. Pigment Protocol by PFRANKMD™ can help you to even out the tone of your skin so that it is more uniform in color.

How Does Pigment Protocol Work?

This treatment can improve the appearance of your skin by targeting the melanin particles that have accumulated in your skin. They are also referred to as pigment particles. These particles are dense and tiny. Typically, they have been treated with thermal lasers in the past. However, this approach can cause damage by using too much heat. When you have the Pigment Protocol treatment, you can benefit from a treatment uses a photomechanical approach that is powerful and non-thermal. It’s based on a combination approach that uses PICO Genesis™ and the Clear & Brilliant Fraxel laser. The treatment effectively breaks up melanin that has accumulated to form discoloration on your skin. You may have large brown patches that are referred to as melasma. Sun spots are another issue. Spots that appear with aging can be treated as well. Regardless of why your skin does not have a nice, even tone, Pigment Protocol by PFRANKMD™ can turn it around.

How Soon Can You Expect to See an Improvement?

You’ll come in to PFRANKMD™ for your treatment. It will only take a brief amount of time for each session. You may see a significant difference by your second treatment. You don’t have to worry about downtime. The texture of your skin will become smoother as well as you balance out the color to make it more uniform again. Say goodbye to those blemishes and any pigment issues that you may have. Pigment Protocol by PFRANKMD™ will shatter those pesky particles that have been making you feel sensitive about your skin.

Call for Your Pigment Protocol Consultation Today

This simple treatment could be the answer for you. You’ll benefit from a non-invasive approach that is safe and effective. Best of all, it works quickly. You deserve to feel good about your complexion. Pigment Protocol by PFRANKMD™ can effectively address blemishes and abnormal skin tone. Contact PFRANKMD™ today to schedule your complimentary consultation! We are conveniently located in NYC.