Enjoy Thick and Full Lashes with Eyelash Enhancement

You love the idea of batting your eyelashes. You want luxurious, full lashes that really draw attention to your eyes. You have tried mascara and eyeliner, but the results aren’t good enough. You have worn false eyelashes, but they are uncomfortable. Worse yet, some of your eyelashes were pulled out at the roots when you took off your artificial lashes. You are looking for a better option. Eyelash enhancement at PFRANKMD™ Skin Salon could be the solution that works for you.

Get Thick and Full Lashes

When your natural eyelashes aren’t cutting it for you, eyelash tinting can help. When you opt for eyelash enhancement, you will have pigment that is inserted in the space between your lashes. It will create the illusion of fuller lashes. They’ll look thick and completely filled in. This is really a benefit if your eyelashes are fading in color or you notice that they are thinning out. If your lashes aren’t what they used to be. eyelash enhancement could be right for you. Many women add permanent eyeliner to draw attention to their eyes in a positive way.

Why Choose This Treatment?

Eyelash enhancement offers you a permanent solution. You won’t need to fight with a suitcase of makeup any longer. Forget about those fake eyelashes or pulling out the eyelash curler. Your lashes will look like they had a boost after your eyelash enhancement treatment. If your lashes are patchy or you have noticed that they aren’t as full as they used to be, eyelash tinting can give them a fullness that is undeniable.

Get the Right Look for You

Eyelash enhancement can really transform your eyes. It will make those eyelashes pop. It will also spare you that half hour in front of the mirror trying to layer on the fake lashes or the cosmetics to look your best. You can make sure you pick a pigment that is the right match for your eyelashes. You won’t believe the difference it can make once you get a good look at your new lashes.

See Our Aesthetician About Eyelash Enhancement Today

Every woman has a clear picture of what will make her feel attractive. If you are interested in this treatment, contact PFRANKMD™ Skin Salon today to schedule your appointment! Edyta Jarosz is our leading aesthetician and she would be more than happy to help you achieve your goals. We are conveniently located in NYC.