EMSCULPT: Lose Fat While Gaining Muscle

People who are diligent in the gym and careful with their diets know that creating the ultimate physique is often about far more than perseverance and effort. Genetics and body type play major roles in determining the results that strenuous exercise produces. Some bodies are simply better at building and retaining muscle tone than others. The good news is that recent advances in electromagnetic technologies have made it possible for people to obtain the intense, targeted toning that’s necessary for taking their physiques to the next level. EMSCULPT® is the latest in non-surgical, body sculpting procedures. Designed to both burn fat and build muscle, this treatment can utterly redefine the look of a patient’s physique.


This treatment is designed to induce contractions in select groups of muscles using High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technologies. The resulting contractions force the muscles to remodel themselves by increasing their mass. It also produces a rapid and significant increase in overall fat burning. Unlike body sculpting procedures that destroy fat cells by overheating or extreme cooling, this treatment provides the benefit of advanced muscle toning.

Why Choose EMSCULPT®?

While this in-office, toning process might seem a bit extreme, treatment with EMSCULPT® isn’t painful in the least. Instead, most people find that it feels a lot like a challenging workout even though they can spend their entire sessions relaxing, reading books or using their mobile phones. If you’ve been struggling with a frustrating weight loss plateau, or simply want the youthful firmness and lift of your former years, this procedure can help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

Am I a Good Candidate for the EMSCULPT® Procedure?

This treatment is not a suitable substitute for a healthy lifestyle. As such, the best candidates for this procedure are active adults who maintain balanced and healthy body weights. You may be right for this procedure if you’re unable to achieve the type of muscle tone you want, despite your hardest efforts in the gym. With EMSCULPT®, you can get the clear definition that you’ve been striving for without having to push your body beyond its limits.

What to Expect after Your Visit

Imagine throwing yourself headlong into a grueling workout. The EMSCULPT® device is designed to challenge targeted muscle groups in a very similar way. You’ll notice a dramatic increase in muscle tone right away, along with continued muscle gains in the weeks to follow, and noticeable weight loss over time. Best of all, there is absolutely no downtime with this procedure at PFRANKMD™ in New York. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!