CoolSculpting: Freeze Fat from Anywhere on Your Body!

CoolSculpting® is a cutting edge FDA-cleared technology. It is an alternative to fat reduction surgery, and can help people get into shape quickly and effortlessly. CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive way to shed inches from the waist without diet and exercise. Below is more information on exactly what the treatment consists of and how you can schedule your own appointment now.

What Is It?

CoolSculpting® is a type of body contouring that uses extreme cold to shape the body. It uses its non-invasive device to dive below the outer layer of skin and target the fat cells. The cells are destroyed by the low temperatures.

CoolSculpting® can be used on many parts of the body. The thighs, abdomen, flank, and areas around the neck can all be treated with the procedure. Fat cells are damaged at a much higher temperature then your other cells, meaning only the fat cells will be affected by this treatment.

Who Is CoolSculpting® For?

It isn’t for everyone. People who are extremely overweight would be better off seeking a different type of treatment. This procedure, and other body contouring treatments too, is for people who are in generally good health and shape who want to improve their figure. It isn’t for people who wish to lose weight.

If you have extra fat deposits around the thighs, stomach, flanks, or neck area, you may wish to consider consultation with a CoolSculpting® expert at PFRANKMD™.

Chances are, if you are in good shape, you still have a few problem areas. CoolSculpting® is for anyone who wants to correct minor irregularities and perfect their look.

Compared to Similar Treatments

Body contouring comes in many forms. In addition to our treatment, SculpSure® and Liposonix® are two other popular treatment options. SculpSure® works completely opposite as CoolSculpting®. It uses extreme heat to destroy the fat cells. Liposonix® takes a unique approach. It uses ultrasonic energy to destroy the fat cells.

The treatments all accomplish the same end result, but they travel different roads. Our treatment has the advantage of being less uncomfortable than SculpSure®. Liposonix®’s advantage is that it can treat many different areas quickly. The best way to find out which treatment is right for you is to seek consultation.

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