Contouring Your Body the Easy Way with CoolSculpting

The days are now gone when you had to rely on strange diets or fitness fads to get you the perfectly sculpted body. While a healthy diet and plenty of daily activity are certainly necessary parts of a good lifestyle, you now have another easy and smart option for helping you sculpt your otherwise healthy body. With CoolSculpting®, you can contour your body the easy way, getting rid of fat that is in hard-to-target spots, such as the backs of your upper arms or your inner thighs. You can also rely on this easy procedure to get you reliable results without leaving you with a lengthy recovery or irritating side effects.

Contour Your Body with Freezing Temperatures

CoolSculpting® uses very cold temperatures to freeze your fat cells, which causes them to die. However, these cold temperatures do not harm your skin or surrounding tissues. When the applicator bombards your fat cells with freezing temperatures for around 35 minutes, the fat slowly crystallizes. In the next few weeks, your body will naturally take care of the rest, getting rid of your fat cells to show you your new shape over time. At PFRANKMD™ we offer the ability to completely customize your treatment based on your needs, and you will only be treated by licensed healthcare professionals.  

Treat All of Your Problematic Zones

While you may think of CoolSculpting® as only being able to treat large, conveniently-shaped areas, such as your abdomen, we can actually treat nearly any problematic area of your body. The different applicator shapes and sizes are designed to fit in many areas. The long, narrow applicators are perfect for your upper arms and inner thighs while the larger applicators are good for your outer thighs and belly. We can also treat your buttocks, flanks, double chin, inner knees and back.

Enjoy an Easy and Convenient Treatment

CoolSculpting® is an incredibly easy treatment because it is done completely in the office while you are awake and does not require any anesthesia. Most areas take only 35 minutes to treat and some take even less than that. With no recovery time and a simple treatment session, this is truly the intelligent choice for body sculpting.

CoolSculpting® at PFRANKMD™ gives you the option to sculpt your body the easy way. You can use it as part of a healthy lifestyle to get that sculpted, toned and youthful body for which you have always longed. Our CoolSculpting® treatments are easy, safe and effective on all of your most problematic body parts. PFRANKMD™ is conveniently located in New York. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation!