Combine the Cryo Facial with the Revolutionary Paparazzi Facial

Your skin deals with a lot every day. Whether it is exposure to the sun, exposure to the elements, or exposure to chemicals, your skin is constantly under pressure. Even if you take the time to cleanse and moisturize your face regularly, your skin will likely start to show the telltale signs of aging. It reaches a point where over-the-counter options are not enough. You need professional grade assistance if you want your skin to take on a youthful glow. Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank and his team have come up with a unique combination of treatments designed to give your skin the assistance it needs. They do this by combining a Cryo Facial with a Paparazzi Facial.

What Is a Cryo Facial?

The idea of having a professional treatment to improve the appearance of your facial skin likely sounds great to you. But you are probably asking yourself, what is a Cryo Facial? This is an aesthetic treatment that is designed to help you look and feel younger. It is designed to improve the circulation in your skin and make your pores smaller. The treatment uses cold air to minimize inflammation now, and prevent inflammation from becoming an issue later. At the same time, this treatment encourages the production of skin cell growth.

During the treatment, vaporized liquid nitrogen is blasted across the skin to get rid of dead skin cells. The area that is being treated will be at subzero temperatures. This encourages your skin to create more collagen and elastin. These are the proteins that will keep your skin looking its best for a long time. This treatment has been created with the goal of helping to make fine lines disappear. It can also be used to help individuals who are dealing with inflammation that is the result of eczema or acne.

What Is a Paparazzi Facial?

A Paparazzi Facial is a state-of-the-art treatment. It was developed by Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank and is designed to fuse the PFRANKMD™ treatment with Madonna and Dr. Frank’s MDNA Skin care products. The goal is to make your skin feel and look amazing. This is a luxurious treatment that takes around 20 minutes. Throughout the entire treatment, your skin is going to feel pampered, and you’re going to feel relaxed. You are going to notice immediate results after the treatment, and you will see that the results progressively get better in the days and weeks following the treatment.

When the Paparazzi Facial is combined with a Cryo Facial, the results are noticeable and last for a considerable amount of time.

Are you tired of feeling like your skin does not look its best? Would you like to experience a pampering treatment designed to make inflammation, fine lines, and wrinkles a thing of the past? If so, visit PFRANKMD™ to receive the best skin care treatments available. We are conveniently located in New York, NY. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!