Morpheus 8

Morpheus8 is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that combines two powerful technologies: microneedling and radio frequency (RF) energy. This innovative approach effectively tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles, and remodels facial contours with minimal downtime.

How Does Morpheus8 Work?

Microneedling creates tiny controlled injuries reaching down into skin layers prompting the body’s natural healing process, which responds with increased collagen and elastin production; these two vital proteins contribute to maintaining skin elasticity and firmness.

Radio frequency energy (RF) delivered below the skin surface also initiates an increase of collagen and elastin with the added benefit of tightening and remodeling underlying skin structure. Morpheus8 is a game-changing device that combines techniques of the two for synergistic next-level efficacy, by delivering RF energy through the ultrafine needles reaching deeper skin layers.

Ideal Candidates for Morpheus8

Morpheus8 is suitable for both men and women who have mild to moderate skin laxity and texture concerns and would prefer an alternative solution to a surgical procedure. Morpheus8 is known for its minimal downtime, making it an attractive option for those with busy lifestyles.

Candidates should be in good overall health and while Morpheus8 can offer impressive results, it’s important to have realistic expectations. Some patients, depending on their aesthetic goals and individual factors, may need more than one treatment.

The Morpheus8 Procedure

Morpheus8 begins with the application of a topical numbing cream to ensure patient comfort. Once the targeted area is adequately numbed, Dr. Frank moves the handpiece with ultrafine microneedles strategically to maximize delivery and symmetrical application. Dr. Frank has over two decades of dedicated focus on the mastery of minimally invasive procedures and how to improve them. On average the treatment lasts two hours or less.

Recovery and Results

After Morpheus8 some swelling and mild bruising or redness may occur, these conditions are resolved in a couple of days to a week depending on the extent of treatment. Patients may resume activities immediately following treatment but should avoid strenuous physical activity in the first week of treatment to help with swelling.

Some patients experience more noticeable improvements than others beginning with the day of the procedure, patience is key. A vital aspect of Morpheus8’s efficacy is the regenerative healing below the skin surface that is just getting started as the procedure concludes. As increased collagen and elastin production continue for up to six months, so do the emerging results.

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Are you prepared to start your path toward a more youthful, radiant appearance and redefined contours? Explore the remarkable potential of a Morpheus8 procedure with Dr. Frank, a board-certified dermatologist, whose comprehensive knowledge of skin conditions and structure above and below the surface come together with state-of-the-art technology in corroboration leading to beautiful aesthetic enhancement


Can Morpheus8 be Used to Treat Acne Scars?

Yes, Morpheus8 is an effective option for improving the appearance of acne scars and can also help reduce active acne. The treatment stimulates collagen production, which can lead to smoother skin and reduced scarring over time.

Is Morpheus8 Suitable for Older Individuals With More Advanced Signs of Aging?

Yes, Morpheus8 can benefit older individuals with more advanced signs of aging, including moderate skin laxity and deep wrinkles. While it may not provide the same level of correction as surgical procedures, it can still offer significant improvements in skin texture and tightness.

Can Morpheus8 be Used on All Skin Tones?

Yes, Morpheus8 is suitable for all skin tones and types. Its technology is designed to be safe and effective for a diverse range of patients.

How Long Do Morpheus8 Results Last?

The longevity of results from Morpheus8 varies depending on several factors, including individual skin characteristics, age, lifestyle, and the number of treatment sessions received. Many individuals can enjoy the benefits of improved skin texture, tightness, and reduced wrinkles for a year or more after completing their initial series of treatments.