Fraxel Treatments
For Dark Skin

Fraxel technology was developed to treat ageing skin non-ablatively in order to minimize downtime compared to traditional laser procedures. Pigmentation, texture, tone and wrinkles were the primary focus of the technology. Although these problems are most evident in lighter skin tones, many patients of color seek out similar treatments. Because older lasers often carried greater risks for darker skin types, Fraxel technology provides a safer option for a variety of ethnicities including Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, and patients of Middle Eastern and Indian descent. Over time and technologic advancement, the Fraxel technology has developed a wide range of medical and cosmetic uses that now apply to all skin types.

The most common cosmetic and medical concerns for ethnic skin tones are scars and hyperpigmentation. Using Fraxel technology, we can now dramatically even out skin color and texture in a small series of treatment that have only a couple of days of redness. The Fraxel Dual Laser has two different lasers in one device that can safely treat dark skin. With any laser device certain precautions and experience are necessary. As a renowned laser surgeon in New York City, Dr. Frank sees a variety of skin types throughout his practice and has extensive experience in treating all skin colors and varieties.

Dr. Frank is one of the only doctors in New York and throughout the country that has the full line of Fraxel devices which includes the Fraxel:Restore , Fraxel:Thulium (now called Fraxel:Dual) and the Fraxel:Repair. Although there are exceptions, The Fraxel Dual is the Laser of choice for darker skin tones.