Cryo Facial

Is your skin feeling run down? Want to look great for that event this weekend? Cryo Facials are the latest quick fix aesthetic treatment to help immediately make your skin look and feel younger-reducing puffiness, tightening pores, ridding of inflammation and giving you the dewy glow we all want. The treatment uses focused liquid nitrogen to target immediate and long-term inflammation while also encouraging improved circulation, new cell growth and collagen stimulation for improved skin health and appearance. It also feels great! This treatment can also work as a quick antidote for stubborn inflammation caused by acne or rosacea, and reduce dark circles and swelling around under the eyes. Performed quickly and safely by our PFRANKMD providers, cryo facials are a fast and easy way to get your skin immediately tuned up for any occasion. A great treatment as well for any sore or injured joints. Ask our staff about this easy add on.