Skin cancer ranks first among the types of cancer in the US, making skin checks/skin screening and treatment a necessary test for those at risk. Most cancer cases are non-melanomas, which are treatable and usually not fatal. Another type is the rarer but more fatal melanoma. If you are worried, get skin checks/skin screening and treatment at one of our NYC locations.

What Are Skin Checks/Skin Screening & Treatment?

Skin screenings involve looking for signs of skin cancer all over the body. It helps catch skin cancer early, giving you a higher chance of treating it using the right approach. You can do self-exams at home, but a professional skin screening is vital, especially if you find something suspicious during your self-screening.

Who is at Risk of Skin Cancer?

Regular skin checks/skin screening and treatment must be done for people with a higher risk of skin cancer. The following are common skin cancer risk factors:

A personal history of skin cancer
A family history of skin cancer
Fair skin, freckles, blue eyes, or red or blond hair
A weakened immune system
Several moles
A history of visiting tanning salons
Moles with a different shape or color from other moles
Severe sun damage

Should I Come in for a Skin Check/Skin Screening?

People at high risk of getting skin cancer should consult with a doctor. It is vital to seek professional help instead of relying solely on the results of your self-exam. We can thoroughly conduct an initial skin check/skin screening and evaluate the results.

If you notice unusual skin changes, new and uncomfortable growths, or wounds that take a long time to heal, we recommend scheduling a skin screening. You may also request a referral from your primary care doctor.

The Skin Check/Skin Screening

One of our experienced providers will examine the skin all over your body during a skin check. The screening will cover everything from head to toe—even the scalp and the skin between the toes and fingers. If you have specific spots you want us to check more closely, including ones where new moles have grown, tell us about them during your appointment.

During the screening, your provider will perform a visual evaluation of your skin and may use a device to examine the skin more closely. Your provider will closely examine all lesions, especially ones that have multiple colors or have experienced changes over time.

If there are unusual lesions, you might need a biopsy, where a skin sample will be tested for cancer. It only takes a few minutes to complete, and the wound will heal in a week or two. If the biopsy results show evidence of skin cancer, PFRANKMD offers effective skin cancer removal treatment.

The Cost of Skin Checks/Skin Screening & Treatment

The typical cost of skin checks/skin screening and treatment varies. In some cases, insurance may cover aspects of the price of screening and treatment. This will discussed in greater depth during your consultation.

Contact Us to Learn More

Our dermatologists at PFRANKMD will evaluate your skin thoroughly. We are led by Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, a board-certified dermatologist with over two decades of private practice experience. To learn more about skin checks/skin screening and treatment in New York City, schedule a complimentary consultation by contacting PFRANKMD today at (212) 327-2919.