Lipoma Removal with Ultrasound-Assisted Tumescent Microcannula Liposuction

Lipomas are a fairly common benign tumor of fat cells. Although they can be painful or occur in functionally inconvenient areas, they often pose merely a cosmetic challenge for patients. Lipomas can grow practically anywhere on the body but tend to become unsightly once they have reached a certain size- approximating a baby’s fist. They are most often quite soft and relatively mobile without any changes to the superficial skin. Unfortunately, their removal must be surgical. Traditional surgery entails a technique that can leave quite a long surgical scar extending the full length, if not longer than the lipoma itself. When performed in areas like the back, the shoulder, or the thighs, where there is significant tension on these wounds due to motion, the scar can be difficult to minimize. It is important for a physician to formally diagnose a lipoma when suspected to rule out other tumors and determine the depth of the lipoma and if it is fully or partially underneath the muscle, which can pose a greater difficulty in removing them completely. Although when removed with its “core” properly, there is always a small but significant chance of recurrence, even with the most extensive of surgeries.

Before and After

Lipomas Before and After photo by Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank of PFRANKMD in New York City, NY

With ultrasound-assisted Micro Liposuction, these lipomas can be removed under local anesthesia with merely 2 tiny incisions that generally do not require sutures. Patients generally return to work the next day and depending on the area of treatment can return to exercise within 5 days. With internal ultrasound used initially to destroy the fat cells and their associated connective tissue, it is extremely rare to see reoccurrences. Once the material is liquified, it is gently removed through power-assisted micro-liposuction. Generally performed in a simple one hour procedure, Dr. Frank has pioneered this minimally invasive technique that he regularly performs at PFRANKMD in our 5th avenue surgically accredited location. Patients are awake with mild sedation for the procedures and generally leave on their own without any pain whatsoever. If you think you have a large lipoma that is growing and/or unsightly, give us a call to consult on whether you are a candidate for this successful and innovative technique of Tumescent Micro-cannula Liposuction with Vaser Ultrasound.