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Hyperpigmentation is a very common condition that many people suffer from, at all ages. This discoloration of the face gives patients an uneven skin tone, leaving many patients frustrated and self-conscious about their appearance. It is most commonly caused by overexposure to the sun, but can also be caused by almost any disruption to the skin, such as acne or a rash. Hyperpigmentation can be difficult to treat with at-home or over the counter remedies, especially for patients with stubborn and extensive situations. However, the appearance of hyperpigmentation can often be greatly reduced by treatments available at our dermatologists’ office.

Hyperpigmentation is defined as discoloration of certain areas of the skin, leading to dark spots and uneven skin tone. This is due to an overproduction of melanin, the natural pigment found in skin which determines everyone’s eye, hair, and skin color. There are many contributing factors to a patients’ likelihood of hyperpigmentation. The most common cause is sun exposure, but other common contributors are hormonal changes, such as pregnancy, acne, allergies, and other trauma to the skin. People with darker skin tones are more prone to hyperpigmentation.

Because there are so many potential causes of hyperpigmentation, many people suffer from this condition, and thus there are many attempts to treat it. There are over the counter and at home treatments such as topical creams and serums which may include hydroquinone, specific acids, or antioxidants. Avoiding the sun and using skincare products is critical during hyperpigmentation treatments.

Each case is unique, as the cause and severity of the condition, the patient’s skin type, and desired results can affect which treatment is the best option for each patient.

The Medlite and Fraxel lasers may be used depending upon the patient.

Dr. Paul Frank Speaks About Fractional Laser Resurfacing Techniques

For best results, it is important to take care of your skin post treatment. Many patients choose to undergo yearly maintenance treatments, or at a frequency discussed with our doctor. It is also vital to limit sun exposure and wear sun protection at all times, to prevent further hyperpigmentation and protect the skin.

Your hyperpigmentation treatment will begin by knowing the root cause of your condition. Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank has had extensive experience with hyperpigmentation cases and is very knowledgeable about their causes and the best treatments for each case. Come in for a consultation with Dr. Frank in his convenient NYC location, and see how he can help you attain the radiant and even toned skin of your dreams. Contact our office today!

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