Female's over accessorized hands with rings and nail polish touching her face

Many of our patients are very conscious of their appearance. While most cosmetic treatments focus on a youthful face and shaped body, there is almost always one place that is left out: the hands. We use our hands all the time, even when we are idling. Continuous use results in quicker loss of collagen in the hands compared with our faces. As there is less fat on the hands to begin with, patients often complain their hands look skeletal. Often, the surface of the hands is tarnished with wrinkly, venous, thinning skin. Spots are added with age, as our hands are exposed to sun damage daily.

The FDA recently approved Radiesse as the only filler treatment for the hands. Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank combines Radiesse with Fraxel Thulium™ laser to create full, plump hands and reduce the appearance of brown spots and visible veins. For women who dedicate time and money to maintain well-manicured hands and adorn them with beautiful jewelry, this treatment will be a must.

Hand Rejuvenation Procedure

Hand Rejuvenation:
Filler, Fraxel, & Medlite Laser

Radiesse Restores Youthful Hands

Radiesse has been used until recently as a facial filler that increases volume. It is now cleared to treat bony, wrinkled hands. Dr. Frank will apply a numbing cream to make sure it is a painless procedure. He will inject Radiesse to refill your hands with lost volume, making them smooth and soft.

Dr. Frank’s patients often use expensive hand creams to preserve and replenish their skin. Creams do not last long and as topical remedies cannot add volume to the hands to replace lost collagen. Radiesse is a quick treatment with ZERO downtime. Each Radiesse treatment lasts for up to a year.

Fraxel Thulium Reduces Sun Damage on Hands

The Fraxel Thulium is one of several Fraxel® lasers that treat dark spots on the skin. Only 1-2 treatments of this laser will reduce accumulated sun damage including brown, white and red spots as well as uneven skin tone*. With the Fraxel Thulium™, you can free your hands of sun damage*. A topical anesthetic will be administered before Dr. Frank starts treatment with the laser in his NYC office. Expect a shinier skin with even and smoother texture after treatment. You’ll be done in about fifteen minutes. Downtime is minimal; avoid sun exposure for the same amount of time it takes for a sunburn to heal*.

Before & After

Aging Hands Before and After Results
Aging Hands Before and After Results