Knee Lift

As one of the most frustrating areas of the aging body, the knees are subject to life long force and motion that, despite good diet and exercise, develop a cosmetically unappealing appearance with time. Front knee skin wrinkling and heaviness results from a combination of changes that happen with time. Loss of skin elasticity, changes in fat volume and sun damage all contribute to the appearance that many want to improve aesthetically.

Even the most aggressive of body lifting procedures come up short trying to indirectly improve these areas.


At PFRANKMD, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank has come up with an exclusive combination approach of non-invasive procedures that has made dramatic strides in knee rejuvenation. The PFRANKMD Knee Lift combines 3 different treatments to rejuvenate the area. Volume replacement with biostimulatory fillers, energy delivered microneedling for elasticity, texture and tone, and suture suspension threads to shift tissue vertically for an overall improvement of the area.

Performed in a single, 30 min in-office procedure with topical anesthesia.

Return to daily activity immediately (no leg focused aerobic activity for 5 -7days).

Minimal bruising and swelling that can last up to 2 weeks.

Effects last up to 2 years.

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What is knee lift recovery like?

It definitely is a few days. You can return to normal daily activity immediately: walking, going to work, things like that. But, it is bruised. You have to limit exercise for a good week and there could be some swelling.

How can I get creases on top of knees to go away? Can you fill that?

The creases above the knees are exactly why we’re treating this. That’s why you need the suspension sutures to do a little bit of lifting and we improve the elasticity with the energy delivered microneedling. You can’t get rid of them but you can improve.

How long does it take to see results from a knee lift?

Results can take a few weeks to see. Usually once any swelling resolves, or redness from the microneedling, or any bruising, you can definitely start seeing it. Let’s say starting at one week up to about six weeks.

Why sculptra vs. radiesse for a knee lift?

I tend to use sculptra for deeper, volumetric changes that are needed in the thigh and knee. I use radiesse if it’s more of a superficial salulidic component.

What kind of threads do you like to use for a knee lift?

I use novathreads, barbed threads only of various sizes depending on the thickness of skin that I’m dealing with. Smooth threads do nothing. They may look good on instagram, but they don’t really boost collagen or create lift.

Does a knee lift treatment work on elbows?

Elbows are tough to do anything about. I always tell people that if elbows are their biggest cosmetic concern, they are fine to begin with.

Can I exercise the next day after a knee lift treatment?


How many treatments are there for a knee lift?

Usually one.

What is the cost of a knee lift?

Could be around $7500 give or take depending on the severity and what else needs to be done.

What is the pain factor for a knee lift?

The initial part hurts a bit because you’re getting injections of biostimulatory filler. It happens to have local anesthesia in it, so it numbs you from the microneedling and the threads. It’s very tolerable, it’s an in office procedure and it takes about 30 minutes.

How long does the knee lift effect last?

You should have a permanent effect to some degree.

What is the best way to make the bruising go away quicker with a knee lift?

First of all, don’t exercise for a few days. Also, come in for the VBeam or XOV laser to get rid of it.