With 25 years of experience using injectables, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank has pioneered techniques in non-invasive facial lifting and rejuvenation using various neuro-modulators and fillers throughout the face and body. He is one of the largest volume injectors of these products in both NYC and the world today, injecting over 30 patients a day and using over 20 substances in his repertoire at his PFRANKMD™ center of cosmetic excellence. Since being an original injector in the first Restylane FDA trials in 2001, Dr. Frank remains on the cutting edge of research and technique refinement with the innumerous injectables currently available on the market today. Now with 3 types of neuromodulators such as Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin, with more to come and innumerous fillers such as Restylane, Juvéderm, Radiesse, Belotero and their variations, Dr. Frank has a full palette of options to sculpt and rejuvenate patients back to the best version of themselves; all safely, effectively, and most importantly, with a natural appearance.  His motto remains that there is no best substance or treatment, only what is best for each individual.

Unfortunately, with the boom of cosmetic treatments and the entrance of injectable providers without appropriate training, expertise, or artistry, there has been a dramatic rise in dissatisfying, unnatural results, and avoidable risks. With the refinement of his techniques and his ethos, Dr. Frank created his signature ENSO injectable technique which stands for Expressive Neuromodulation and Structural Optimization. Using variations of blended and layered products, small needles and cannulas, Dr. Frank recreates wrinkle free natural facial expression and then restores the volume balance to the face leaving patients or their audience without exact knowledge of injection placement. Small amounts in many places and frequent small touch-ups remain the central ethos of his approach for all his patients that not only want to remain natural-looking, but always want to look their very best rather than filled or on empty. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see what everyone is talking about. Come experience the ENSO technique from one of the world’s premiere injectable experts, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank.

Before & Afters

Jawline Rejuvenation

Jawline Filler Before and After
Jawline Filler Before and After

Under-eye Rejuvenation

Wrinkle Relaxers Before and After
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Can you do a lip flip if you already have filler?

Absolutely. Particularly if when you have filler it’s frustrating when you smile you lose the volume. The neuromodulator will weaken the muscle suddenly so you still see the volume.

Do you do surgical lip lifts? (Shortening the length of upper lip for larger lips/more symmetry)

I do lip flips. Lip lifts are when you make a surgical incision under the nose to literally shorten that area above the lip which also gives a permanent inversion of the lip. Lip flips are temporary.

What is the best option for permanent lips filled?

There are permanent fillers to be used.

How do I know if I should dissolve my lip filler? I like the way it looks, but my inside lip looks weird/bumpy.

If it’s really lumpy you can adjust it down with hyaluronidase, but sometimes if the lips look good on the outside it’s because of the way it’s placed on the inside and you may always feel it a little bit.

I’ve done a lip flip but I think I should get filler- what’s the best way to decide?

You have to judge filler at rest. You have to judge neuromodulators at motion. Most people may need a small combination of both.

Can a lip flip replace my filler?

No. If you have no volume in your lip and you want to add that’s what’s going to be long lasting. I look at the lip flip as either a test run of changing your lips or icing on the cake to effect your smile.

Can lip flips be reversed?

They can not be reversed. We are using neuromodulators. The good and the bad news- they don’t last that long at best a couple of months. Much less than it does on the upper face.

Will my lips not be able to move like my forehead with a lip flip?

If it’s not done appropriately or put in the wrong place, absolutely. Easiest case scenario it’ll effect when you take a sip, worse case scenario you’ll be a mess.

Can a lip flip help with my gummy smile?

The gummy smile although this is technically not the lip flip, using neuromodulators around the mouth and on the side of the nose absolutely can help with a gummy smile. I don’t suggest doing it unless it’s moderate or severe.

How long does a lip flip last?

Lip flips only last a few months. If you like it, you have to keep up with it. You’ll get three months out of it at most.

Will a lip flip change my appearance?

Of course it will. The real question is, will it change it for the worse? There’s always that risk but it’s a very subtle change for a very significant result.