Xeomin FAQ

What is Xeomin?

Xeomin is a botulinum toxin type A and has the same active ingredients as Botox. Xeomin differs from Botox because it has been extensively purified to remove complex proteins, and thus contains only 150kD pure neurotoxin. It is injected into muscles of the human body for the treatment of certain types of pain, cervical dystonia, blepharospasm (abnormal eyelid seizures), and for cosmetic reasons. This article will discuss the cosmetic applications of Xeomin. In cosmetic procedures, Xeomin removes wrinkles quickly and efficiently, within 7 to 8 days. Xeomin has been approved by the FDA to reduce scowl lines between the eyebrows and also the deep lines that appear on the smooth areas of the forehead as we age.

How does Xeomin work?

Xeomin is similar to Botox and Dysport, but Xeomin does not need to be refrigerated and contains no additives. The treatment time for a Xeomin injection is just 15 minutes. If you are interested in receiving Xeomin treatments, you should ask your doctor if this treatment will help you achieve the facial improvement you desire. This medicine can help your skin gain a more youthful appearance by relaxing underlying facial muscles.

What is the natural source of Xeomin?

According to Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, Xeomin is an incobotulinum toxin, which is a natural protein produced by bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. It is produced from the serotype A of the bacteria.

How does Xeomin work and how does it get into the body?

Xeomin is injected with a fine needle directly into the underlying muscles of the targeted area. After it is injected, the dense liquid passes through the muscles to decrease the production of nerve impulses within a few days. The treatment does not require any anesthesia, but a topical anesthetic can be used on individuals who are fearful about the pain. The injection does not stop the production of antibodies in the body, which is a risk associated with Botox. Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank explains that Xeomin inhibits the release of Acetylcholine, the chemical messenger that conveys nerve impulses from nerve endings to the muscle. The inhibition of these signals stops the contraction of muscles that can cause facial wrinkles. Facial wrinkles and ridges should decrease in three to four weeks. This product, which Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank has researched thoroughly, is a very safe and effective way to provide a more youthful appearance. Xeomin is more effective and has fewer side effects than other similar botulinum toxin treatments.

What are the side effects of Xeomin?

Like other botulinum products, there is a rare risk that Xeomin can spread outside of the injection site, which can cause life-threatening breathing and swallowing problems. This problem has not been associated with cosmetic uses of botulinum products, but all doctors must warn of this risk before treating patients with Xeomin.

In cosmetic usage, the side effects of Xeomin are bleeding or bruising at the injection site and allergic reactions such as swelling, itching, and shortness of breath.

What should I tell the doctor before receiving Xeomin treatments?

Be sure to tell Dr.Frank about all cardiac and nervous system problems that you have, no matter how minor they seem. Also advise your doctor about any bleeding disorders, including menstrual problems, before undergoing the treatment.