Eye Filler Q&A

How long does under eye filler last?

I would say anywhere between 9-18 months. Unfortunately, it could last for years and there’s always a little something that remains but if it’s placed improperly, years later I’ll see some of this filler.

Can you reverse under eye filler?

Yes. If you use the right filler (and you really should only be using hyaluronic acid products) you can reverse it but it can sometimes take numerous treatments and you should remove it before having surgery.

Will I bruise if I get under eye filler?

Well, prepare for it. Avoiding pain relievers, vitamins, and going to a provider that has a VBeam laser to remove bruising- these are the best preventative options.

What filler is best for under the eyes?

It depends on the person. I love belotero under the eyes, plain old school restylane, revanesse versa too. Never use Juvederm products, those are bad.

How close to the inner eye can you inject the filler?

You do not want to get too close to the tear duct. Don’t go up too high because people will notice. Be conservative, generally stay above the boney rim.

How do you know when it’s time to bypass under eye filler and go on to the next form of treatment?

When the skin is too loose, fillers just aren’t going to do it. Doctors have to be honest with their patients and patients have to be honest with themselves. You can live with the bags or consider getting your eyes done.

What under eye filler was used to make the drastic change?

A lot of people were curious about which product I used in my B/A post. I used Belotero, I used needles and cannulas, and the patient did perfectly.

Why do I have chronic swelling under my eye after Juvederm injection?

Juvederm retains water so it’s not good in areas that you want puffiness. Juvederm does not belong underneath the eye.

Is fat transfer permanent and/or better than under eye filler?

Fat transfer under the eye used to be very common before temporary fillers. It’s not as common now because it’s very unpredictable. I love fat transfer, but I don’t like it under the eye because it’s unpredictable, traumatic, expensive, you may need several treatments, and there’s a high risk of complications.

Can you do laser and under eye filler at the same time?

You absolutely can. In fact, the injectable has a little lidocaine in it so it does anesthetize it. I could use nonablative pico lasers, also some Fraxel technology. It’s a perfect one two punch because sometimes one is not enough.

Does under eye filler hide blue veins in the under eye?

No it does not. In fact, sometimes it makes them stand out more. You can laser them with a 1064 laser and do it at the same time, it works like a charm.

How do you prevent bruising from under eye filler?

Good technique, placing the needle above the bone, using a cannula laterally, having patients avoid certain medicines, making sure I give a small dose of prednisone afterwards, and having a VBeam laser handy.

Cannula or needles for under eye filler?

It’s cannulas AND needles. Any doctor who doesn’t use both in various situations is not the injector for you. They both have their place.

How many different brands or kinds are there of under eye filler?

There are many different brands of fillers, so let’s talk about the ones that don’t belong under the eye: radius, any permanent filler, and Juvederm products.

Does under eye filler interfere with a lower bleph down the road?

They could, which is why you should have a relationship with both a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon so it can be appropriately melted down before you get the bleph.

If there is a little hollowing and a small amount of puffiness can fillers still be done?

I do, as long as there’s not too much puff and you undertreat. It’s about giving the right expectations. Some people I can give 90% improvement, others with puffiness 40-50%.