What is the difference between VASER® and SmartLipo laser lipo?

The main difference between the two is the source of fat melting energy; the course of the procedure is exactly the same. VASER® uses ultrasound to dissolve fat and SmartLipo uses laser light to dissolve fat and tighten skin. They are both used solely with local anesthesia and both minimize recovery and risk in the same manner. There are instances, depending on patient size, age, skin type, and areas to be treated that Dr. Frank would use more of one device than another to maximize a patient’s result and minimize downtime. During consultation, Dr. Frank will discuss which combination of devices will best suit you.

Why does Tumescent Liposuction with SmartLipo or VASER® Body Sculpting work better than traditional liposuction techniques?

Most importantly Tumescent Liposuction means it is performed under local anesthesia only, without the risks or recovery of general anesthesia. In addition, VASER® and SmartLipo MPX™ are much gentler in separating fatty tissues prior to removal. They differentiate between fat and other tissue such as nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue that must be left undisturbed for good results. VASER® sound energy or Smartlipo light energy simply bounce off other types of tissues while dissolving the less structured fat cells. This makes VASER® or SmartLipo MPX™ Body Sculpting safer and results in less swelling and recovery time. These technologies also help with skin tightening and smoothening.

What happens during VASER®/SmartLipo laser Body Sculpting/Tumescent Liposuction?

During the procedure the area to be sculpted is filled with a special saline solution that helps numb the site and shrinks blood vessels. This solution makes the area very wet and full, making the fat cells easier to liquefy and remove. After melting, the fat is removed and a pressure garment is placed for 1 week to tighten the skin and avoid any bruising. Small incisions heal quickly and easily, without stitches. Generally, patients return to most daily activities within 36 hours. Exercise can generally be resumed within 1 week. For details of the procedure, please watch Dr. Frank perform his technique on his video.

How does the VASER®/SmartLipo laser lipo system work?

The VASER® and SmartLipo MPX™ Systems generate sound and light energy in the form of heat. Small probes (the size of a long Q-tip) transmit the sound or light energy to dissolve fat cells on contact, sparing important surrounding blood vessels and tissue. Gentle suction and massage of the sculpted site removes the dissolved fat cells quickly and easily.

What areas of my body can be sculpted?

VASER® and SmartLipo MPX™ Body Sculpting can be done effectively on any area of the body including the abdomen, “love handles,” backs, thighs, hips, knees, arms, neck, and chin.

Is VASER® or SmartLipo laser Body Sculpting/Tumescent Liposuction right for me?

If you are healthy and looking for a fast, low-pain solution to your excess fatty tissue, you may be a good candidate for tumescent liposculpting. Although there are limits to the amount of tissue that can be removed, Dr. Frank can assist you with your decision about potential areas for sculpting, the results you can expect, and the recovery process. Liposuction of any kind does not cause weight loss or replace diet and exercise. These procedures are best for significantly sized areas that are resistant to diet and exercise.

Does Tumescent Liposuction and Liposculpting hurt?

Like going to the dentist, the only discomfort is in getting the local anesthesia. Patients are kept very comfortable with intramuscular and oral sedation. Often patients nap throughout the procedure, but can go to the bathroom and respond to commands necessary for body sculpting.
After the procedure, there is no pain and patients only require Tylenol during the recovery with soreness similar to a strong work out.

Can I get Tumescent Liposuction performed on more than one area at a time?

Yes, multiple areas are most often treated to sculpt the body. The limits are made by the formulamatic safety limits of local anesthesia that is determined by one’s weight. During an average case, 2-5 areas can be safely treated.

When can I travel, work, and exercise?

Most patients return to daily activities of work and play in 36 hrs. Travel and exercise in 1 week.

Patients are often able to go out to dinner and walk around conservatively the next day.

Is there any preparation for Tumescent Laser Liposuction?

Like any surgical procedure, a blood work screening is performed and there is a list of medications to avoid for 2 weeks so no bruising or bleeding occurs during the procedure. If a patient is healthy, then no particular medical clearance from your doctor is needed.

Is Tumescent Liposuction safe?

Like any minor surgical procedures, there are risks. Without the need for general anesthesia most of the more severe risks traditionally associated with older liposuction techniques are removed (i.e. blood clots, etc). In twenty years of practice and over 5000 cases performed, we have not experienced any life threatening or untreatable consequences, including infection and bleeding. Dr. Frank is a world-renowned leader in the field of minimally invasive and non- invasive fat removal.

Where does the doctor perform my VASER®/SmartLipo MPX™ Body Sculpting?

Procedures are performed in our sterile, surgically accredited facility making it safe, convenient and often less costly due to the absence of hospital care and anesthesiologists.

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