TruSculptiD uses radiofrequency energy for deep tissue heating that promotes the non-invasive removal of fat and the tightening of the overlying skin. In addition to reducing fat, truSculpt treatments can help improve skin tone, and can also improve the appearance of cellulite. The device is comfortable, safe, and effective technology is clinically proven to permanently eliminate fat cells in stubborn areas around your abdomen and flanks.

Results: TrusculptiD results are seen in 6-12 weeks after treatment.

It can help with an average of 24% fat reduction after a single treatment. Due to the RF, it can also achieve mild skin tightening/skin laxity.

Ideal candidates: patients with stubborn unwanted fat that is resistant to diet and exercise (ideal is that last little bulge) – can treat both small and larger areas in many areas on the body including more challenging areas that other devices on the market may not be able to. Also, can treat multiple areas at once (i.e. love handles and abdomen simultaneously)

No pregnancy or pt with a defibrillator

What to expect: minimal discomfort – feels equivalent to a hot stone massage or when you first dip your toe in a hot tub (15 min session).

Treatment prep: skin is cleansed, then applicators applied to treatment area.

Downtime: no downtime – mild pinkness to the skin after for a few hours.

Price: $500/applicator (avg is 4-6 applicators)

TRUSCULPT iD Non-Invasive Fat Removal

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Do you work on leg veins?

We do offer sclerotherapy. It can take a few treatments and these are for the small blue/reddish veins. If you have deeper bulging veins, you should definitely seek a vascular surgeon or someone with more expertise.

Can Liposuction be done on calves or thighs?

It can, you really have to be a perfect candidate as it can be very traumatic on the legs in terms of recovery.

Would TruSculpt work on a small buffalo hump?

Non-invasive devices really aren’t the best option, Tumescent Liposuction works so well, it’s simple, there’s a less than 24 hour recovery, it’s permanent, and this is really the way to go- not non-invasive treatment.

How many treatments of Trusculpt do you do?

I do about two Trusculpt treatments. All of these non-invasive fat removal treatments again have a very small pocket and do not shape the body. Although one can usually help, multiple really give the best result.

Is Trusculpt similar to Coolsculpt?

Trusculpt is similar in the sense that it’s a non-invasive fat removal device like Coolsculpt, but it uses heat, not cold. I really don’t prefer Coolsculpt though it can be effective, it has a higher risk for complication.

Can fat removed in the lower back grow back after Trusculpt?

It can grow back anywhere if you push yourself. You must stay within 5-10% of your body weight so the average person if you gain more than 20 pounds it could come back. Otherwise, it’s just going to distribute evenly for the other five pounds.

Can Trusculpt be used on men who have fat tissue in their breast area?

I do not recommend non-invasive treatments for the breast area. Tumescent Liposuction is the gold standard, simple, easy. If it seems like there’s a lot of skin it does require surgery.

How much fat is removed during Tumescent Liposuction?

My average cases are 1-2 liters but I certainly could remove 3-4 liters. If you need more than that, I think you need diet and exercise or more aggressive surgicals.

Can I do a Trusculpt treatment while breastfeeding?

You can do laser treatments for the body while breastfeeding, you just can’t use drugs. Same thing for the body while pregnant, lasers are quite safe.

What’s the most effective treatment for rejuvenating the neck and chest?

Fraxel resurfacing is still the gold standard. Adding RF microneedling really adds an extra layer of texture improvement.

Does BBL remove white patches on the skin?

It does not, but it removes sun damage. It’s a much more even appearance so it looks like they’re dramatically reduced but the white spots guttate hypomelanosis can be tough.

Micro Lipo or Emsculpt Neo?

They’re for different things. Liposuction is more so for fat removal, the neo we would often do it after for additional tightening.