How successful is QWO on legs and how long will it last?

We don’t know. It is FDA approved for the butt and we are certainly going to use it off label on the legs and I think it will show equal success no matter where the dimpling is. The results should be permanent.

Is QWO like Kybella?

I hope it’s not like Kybella, you all know how much I dislike Kybella. But, similar to Kybella it takes several treatments, causes a decent amount of trauma and discomfort but hopefully it’s a lot more effective than Kybella. It doesn’t melt fat, it breaks up fibrous bands.

Can you do QWO in one session and get results?

I honestly don’t know how much result you’ll get from one treatment. We’re looking to sell it as a package of three.

Can I do QWO before pregnancy, if it’s safe?

You can do it before you’re pregnant but you don’t want to do it while you’re pregnant. We don’t inject drugs into pregnant women.

How does QWO compare to Biostim?

I think this is for moderate to severe deep dimples. Biostin is more for tightening or overall lumpy bumpiness and overall texture. My feeling is it will be a perfect combo.

What is your opinion on QWO vs. Sculptra or your Biostim?

It’s not about comparison, hopefully they will each do different things. One is not a replacement for the other.

Can QWO be used with Emsculpt?

It can definitely be used with Emsculpt but probably not at the same time. QWO causes a lot of bruising and it could be uncomfortable to do an intense Emsculpt treatment at the same time.

How long does QWO treatment last?

Results better be permanent if you’re going to go through several treatments and have it bruise that much.

What is downtime like after QWO Treatment?

Downtime is really related directly to the bruising. Some people get a bruise more than others but most definitely get a bruise and that’s always on the buttock for a week or two.

Where else on the body can you use QWO? Arms?

You can use it anywhere on the body but again it’s for those indentations or dimples where you really feel like the skin is bound down.

Are there any risks to injecting QWO in you?

The risks are mostly immediate with the trauma and bruising. You must make sure you’re injecting it into those dimples not normal tissue or you will create a dimple.

How long until I see results after QWO treatment?

I have to assume it’s at least 21 days which is the time between your first and second treatment. Hopefully we will be able to see a difference with the first treatment but that depends on the size and the patient.

I had Emtone at your office and loved it. How long after QWO can I do Emtone again?

You can do QWO as soon as you’re done with the Emtone treatment. When I’m done with the skin tightening and the shock wave therapy that’s when I do Biostim and QWO so like a week after.

Is there maintenance for QWO like other cellulite treatments?

There should not be any maintenance with QWO. Once you release the dimples you’re done.

How far in advance should you start QWO treatment if you want to be in a bikini by May?

You want to do it a few months before you want to be in that bathing suit.

How bad is bruising from QWO treatment?

It’s pretty bad. Worse than Biostim. Be prepared for sheets of bruising which is why I’m enthusiastic but also judgemental because the treatment better be worth it.

What is the pain like for QWO treatment?

There really is no pain during the injection, but that evening there is some pain so I may give a cortisone pill or some anti-inflammatory of some sort. I really have to work out these details because I don’t like it when patients are in pain.