No matter how much you exercise or how many diets you try, there are some stubborn spots on the human body that just don’t respond the way you want them to. Liposonix can be performed on any area of the body including thighs, back and arms. One of the most common problem areas for both men and women is the waistline. If you have trouble reducing fat around your waist and prefer to avoid resorting to surgery, LipoSonix is a nonsurgical procedure that may be the perfect solution for you.

Following the 2-3 months, the result is a tighter, more shapely waist. While the exact outcome will depend on each treatment program and each individual’s body type, most patients experience a new waist that is roughly 1 inch or about one dress or pant size smaller*.

Ideal LipoSonix Candidates

The best candidates for LipoSonix are those looking for a modest reduction in fat, rather than those who may need more significant changes that would be better addressed through liposuction. However, LipoSonix can also serve as a valuable complement to liposuction surgery, depending on what the patient wants to achieve.

The ideal candidate for LipoSonix procedure are those who:

Are not obese and seek reduction of small amounts of fat

Are in generally good health

Can pinch about an inch of fat in the area he or she wants to treat

Are realistic in their expectations about the results

What to Expect During LipoSonix

LipoSonix poses minimal risks for patients. During the treatment, patients may experience some discomfort, a prickling or tingling sensation, and varying extremes of cold and warmth. Side effects are few, though bruising, redness, and swelling may occur, none of which are considered serious. As needed, Dr. Frank can provide pain medication during and after treatment.

To find out more about LipoSonix treatment, call Dr. Frank, an NYC based world-class cosmetic surgeon who specializes in helping patients across the globe achieve changes that can boost their confidence and magnify their quality of life.

LipoSonix Before & Afters