Referral Network

PFRANKMD is built on a foundation of strong partnerships that help lead our patients to looking and feeling their best not only on the outside, but also on the inside. These respected colleagues of mine are trusted referrals in their area of expertise. Working regularly in a concerted effort with PFRANKMD these professionals work synergistically with us to support the overall pro-aging health process. We are happy to be a resource for your well-being and make introductions to ensure the best of care for our valued patients.

Dr. Steven Batash | Batash Medical | Procedural Weight Loss Endoscopic Sleeve (New York, NY)

Dr. Dan Behroozan | Mohs Micrographic Surgery | Cosmetic Dermatology (Los Angeles, CA)

Dr. Lance Brown | Lance H. Brown M.D. | Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery and Patch Allergy Testing (New York, NY)

Dr. Joel L. Cohen | About Skin Dermatology and DermSurgery, PC (Denver, CO)

Dr. Jake Deutsch | Oakwood Precision Medicine | Male Precision Medicine (New York, NY)

Dr. Julius Few | The Few Institute | Plastic Surgery (Chicago, IL)

Dr. Richard Firshein | Firshein Center | Primary Care and Integrative Concierge Medicine (New York, NY)

Dr. Paul M. Friedman | Dermatology & Laser Surgery Center (Houston, TX & New York, NY)

Dr. Andrew Jacono | New York Plastic Surgery | Facial Plastic Surgery (New York, NY)

Dr. Joely Kauffman | Skin Associates of South Florida | General and Cosmetic Dermatology (Miami, FL)

Dr. Anthony LaBruna | Manhattan Plastic Surgery, PLLC | Eyelid Surgeon (New York, NY)

Dr. Jessica Lattman | Dr. Jessica Lattman Oculoplastic Eyelid Surgeon New York (New York, NY)

Dr. Daniel Maman | Maman Plastic Surgery | Breast Reconstruction and Abdominoplasty (New York, NY)

Dr. Ryan Neinstein | Neinstein Plastic Surgery | Advanced Body Lifting Surgery (New York, NY)

Dr. Rhonda Pomerantz | Pomerantz Dermatology | General Dermatology and Melanoma Expert (New York, NY)

Dr. Sam S. Rizk | Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgery | Facial and Nasal Reconstructive Surgery (New York, NY)

Dr. David Rosenberg | Dr. David Rosenberg Facial Plastic Surgery  | Facial and Nasal Reconstructive Surgery (New York, NY)

Sarah Wragge | Sarah Wragge Wellness | Nutritional Therapy (New York, NY)