Stacey Ladusch

Stacey - PFrankMD

Registered Nurse

Stacey entered cosmetic and general dermatology as a medical assistant, where she assisted in procedures, including skin cancer surgeries, and coordinated patient care for 5 years. Prior to working in dermatology, she studied at Smith College and, for a year, the University of Paris where she received a B.A. in French Studies and economics. While her undergraduate education allows her to indulge in several of her interests, she found that her ultimate passion lied in medicine.

Stacey is a graduate of Columbia University School of Nursing’s Master’s Program and is continuing her education in the university’s doctorate program to become a nurse practitioner. At PFRANKMD, Stacey joins the team as a registered nurse. She is enthusiastic about performing laser treatments, as well as leading patients to explore pro-aging skincare and procedures that will integrate harmoniously into their lives.

Outside of work and school, Stacey delights in participating in any activity that allows for a new outfit: barre or pilates; horseback riding; and tennis.